Catwoman Caught! BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES 1/6 Figure Preview!

As Mr. Freeze is getting into your hands (FINALLY!!!), and many of you are posting fantastic pictures of how you're displaying him online, I wanted to say thank you for being patient with our chilly friend. We knew we had to take some extra time to get him right, and hoping you agree that it paid off.

For those of you that missed him the first time around, we're offering a few more of the Mondo Exclusive version of Freeze, along with just a few of the remaining Batman Deluxe Exclusive Figure. This will be the last chance to get this version, as we literally have just a few left! Insert "holy limited edition, Batman" joke here.

What's next, you may be asking? Well, if you've kept your eye close to social media, then you know that the cat has been let out of the bag for a bit - Catwoman is next! We wanted to take this opportunity to show you a few preview pics of the figure in her 99.9% final form. As for when you'll be able to pre-order her - you won't! We're skipping pre-orders with her, and instead bringing her into our warehouse this spring. As soon as she's in stock, she'll be available on our site. Purrfect, yes?

Enjoy the preview, and we'll let you know more about her as we get closer to release!

Thanks for the support!

- Brock, Creative Director - Toys/Collectibles

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