PREACHER: Jesse & Cassidy Statues Coming Soon!

Brock Otterbacher
Creative Director of Toys & Collectibles

As a fan of the comic it's based on, AMC's PREACHER series has been a joy to watch, both in how it sticks to the original story and how it diverts. Riding along with Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy on their strange journey week-to-week and meeting all the ludicrous characters they come across inspired us to take a slightly unorthodox approach to our statue line.

Starting with Jesse and Cassidy, we asked one of our favorite poster artists - Rory Kurtz - to create illustrated pieces that capture the essence of the characters. With an emphasis on more quiet moments, Rory also showed the characters in heavy contrasting light. This was essential for the next phase, which was creating statues that not only looked like Rory's paintings in pose but were painted as if each of them were followed by their own personal light source - Jesse and the illuminating sun and Cassidy with a seedy neon glow.

We'll get more in depth about this process at a later date and how sculptor Mathew Black and painter Mara Ancheta brought these two to life, but for now we want to introduce the pieces and announce the unique way we're going to offer these gorgeous statues for pre-order.

On Monday (6/25), both Jesse and Cassidy will go up for pre-order. The regular versions with be $240 each and the Mondo Exclusive versions (each include a 18"x24" print of Rory's art the statues are based on and only available with purchase of these pieces), will be $250 each. To add to the incentive, if you pre-order both Jesse and Cassidy together you get the prints for free! And yes, each version will be eligible for our payment plan! In addition to all this, the pre-order will run until July 31st so there will be plenty of time to save your dough and your blood, and say your prayers.

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