Demogorgon - Vinyl Designer Figure by James Groman (On-Sale Info)

It’s official! Netflix’s STRANGER THINGS is back in production, and we’re on the hype train back to Hawkins. And to gear up for a bitchin’ fifth season, we’re dropping an ode to one of the show’s gnarliest creations. (After all, our favorite thing is monsters.) 
From designer James Groman, the massive Demogorgon – Vinyl Designer Figure features glow-in-the-dark Christmas lights as well as articulation at the head, legs, arms and wrists. Plus, each figure comes complete with swappable hands and heads ... and Dart! 
Available Tuesday, March 12 at 12 NOON CT at 
Product includes: 

  • Demogorgon Figure 
  • Open Mouth Swappable Head 
  • Closed Mouth Swappable Head 
  • Swappable Closed Right Hand with Skull 
  • Swappable Open Right Hand 
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Christmas Lights 
  • Dart Mini Figure  

Demogorgon – Vinyl Designer Figure by James Groman. Concept Design, Sculpt, Paint and Packaging Art by James Groman. Additional Sculpting by Corwin Waldron and Hector Arce. Packaging Design by Jordan Christianson. Photography by Raúl Barrero. 

Limit 2 per Customer. Payment Plans Available. Ships to Select Countries. Estimated Shipping July 2024. $275

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