This week, we’re excited to announce a double dose of sonic excellence with our friends at Netflix Music. 
First up: the debut full-length release of the DEVIL IN OHIO soundtrack! With music by Bishop Briggs, Isabella Summers, Fay Wolf, Maiah Manser, Elise McQueen and Series Music composer Will Bates, produced by series Executive Producer Rachel Miller and Creator/Showrunner Daria Polatin, the LP is available in two colorways: eco and Mondo exclusive cornfield. 
We've also teamed up with Milan Records to present the first-ever vinyl physical release of the COPENHAGEN COWBOY score. Pressed on neon pink vinyl, this double LP features frequent Nicolas Winding Refn collaborators Julian Winding, Peter Peter and Cliff Martinez. 
These albums will be available to pre-order Wednesday, 12 NOON CT at The Record Shop. 



Midwestern psychiatrist Suzanne Mathis' world is turned upside down when she decides to protect Mae, a fragile teenager on the run from a cult. As Suzanne’s daughter Jules begins to suspect there’s more to Mae’s story, a series of incidents – seemingly brought on by Mae’s presence - leave the family in chaos. Soon the Mathis family is fighting for survival against a strange cult while Suzanne and a local police detective try to unravel the clues of Mae’s past and sinister happenings in the town she escaped. Adapted from Daria Polatin’s best-selling book inspired by true events, DEVIL IN OHIO is a thrilling, shocking tale of demonic mayhem and mystery in the heart of small-town America. 
British composer Will Bates incredible work on DEVIL IN OHIO began with a hymn for the cult, written before shooting. It expanded with songs for Bishop Briggs and Maiah Manser, with melodies for hurdy-gurdy and synth, until it became a haunting world of its own, blending score, soundtrack and diegesis. Now, together with Netflix Music, we’re excited to release DIO’s first-ever full-length soundtrack on vinyl. 

DEVIL IN OHIO – Soundtrack from the Netflix Series LP.
Music by Bishop Briggs, Isabella Summers, Fay Wolf, Maiah Manser, Elise McQueen and Will Bates. Pressed on 140 Gram Mondo Exclusive Cornfield Vinyl. Also Available on 140 Gram Eco Vinyl. Ships Worldwide. Layout by Mo Shafeek. Estimated to Ship September 2023. $30. 



Originally premiering at the Venice Film Festival, COPENHAGEN COWBOY is a thrill-inducing, neon-drenched noir series set across six episodes which follows enigmatic young heroine, Miu. After a lifetime of servitude and on the verge of a new beginning, she traverses the ominous landscape of Copenhagen’s criminal netherworld. Searching for justice and enacting vengeance, she encounters her nemesis, Rakel, as they embark on an odyssey through the natural and the supernatural.
Created by Nicolas Winding Refn, (DRIVE, THE NEON DEMON) this new Netflix series features music written by Julian Winding, Peter Peter and Cliff Martinez for the thriller set in Refn’s native Copenhagen. All frequent collaborators of Refn’s, the composing trio have infused the series with a synth-heavy, electronic soundscape befitting the neon-drenched journey through Denmark’s dark underworld. 
Of the soundtrack, COPENHAGEN COWBOY director, writer and producer Nicolas Winding Refn says, “With COPENHAGEN COWBOY, I was able to revisit my past as I move toward my future, bringing together three very singular voices — Peter Peter, Cliff Martinez and spicing it up with Julian Winding. It’s a real trip that will give everyone hot thrills and warm chills.”  
“Going into COPENHAGEN COWBOY, I knew immediately that I wanted to do my take on classic horror – the amazing themes and melodies I’ve grown up with,” adds composer Julian Winding. “It was important to me, like it probably was for, say, Fabio Frizzi, that there was a melody. There’s nothing like tapping your foot and humming along to some poor soul getting brutally murdered in spectacular fashion onscreen.” 
COPENHAGEN COWBOY by NWR – Original Score 2XLP. Composed by Julian Winding, Peter Peter and Cliff Martinez. Available on 2X Mondo Exclusive Neon Pink Vinyl. Graphic Design by Ironflag. Ships Worldwide. $45.

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