Eric Garza's Top 10ish Posters of 2017

Eric Garza, Creative Director

DRIVE by Rory Kurtz

Many folks may feel EX MACHINA deserves a spot on this list, and they wouldn't be wrong - it's magic on paper - but for me, Rory's snapshot of The Driver slightly edges it out. There are so many wonderful textures and details that make this poster a stunner when seen up close. Gosling's modern icon is on full display while the LA backdrop almost works as a character unto itself, brimming with life and urgency.

PRINCESS LEIA by Mike Mitchell

Mike has this uncanny ability of capturing the spirit in each of his character portraits. His piece for Leia is a truly beautiful homage to Carrie Fisher's iconic, beloved role as Princess and badass rebel.

THE SECRET OF KELLS by Jessica Seamans

Jes is one of the most talented illustrators around, period. Her work always blows me away with how beautifully detailed and controlled her renderings are. It was a toss up as to what made this list as we released a handful of incredible posters with her in 2017, but it was THE SECRET OF KELLS that I clearly remember stopping me in my tracks when we opened the shipment and saw them in person. The lush greenery and foliage is absolutely beautiful.

GREEN ROOM by Oliver Barrett

Oliver Barrett really had an incredible year, and it's been amazing to see how consistently great each new piece was. His work on GREEN ROOM was no exception. Much like the film itself, OB's poster is raw, unsettling, captivating, and smart. The Xerox-style flier variant is an added cherry on top.


It's always such a pleasure to work with Tyler, and here we have one of the greats taking on one of the biggest films of the last few years. I will never not enjoy Tyler x Marvel, and the compositional balance on display here is incredible. Even if, somehow, you missed this movie or have no background into the context, it's so easy to see the divide and conflict of Team Cap vs Team Stark. Man, how good was that airport battle, anyway?


Teagan is another artist whose work I so deeply admire. This poster for THE FOX AND THE HOUND is stunning and heartbreaking in equal measure. A highlight in a collection of highlights at the "Never Grow Up" show in April. On the surface you have this gorgeous and playful illustration. But if you know, you know.

GET OUT by Jay Shaw

One of the smartest and best films of the year. Hands down. I still remember Jay's initial pitch for this concept shortly after seeing the film. It was such a thoughtful solution to a difficult question and so very, very Jay. It elicits an instant, visceral reaction that leaves you shellshocked. Just like Jordan Peele's unbelievable film.

LEGION by Marc Aspinall

LEGION completely blew me away when I first watched it. Noah Hawley's amazing adaptation of Professor X's son is a rollercoaster ride with kinetic and frenzied energy bursting out of it. Marc's style is a great match for this retro-futurist, slice out of Time/Life Magazine aesthetic. I love everything about this poster. The boldness of its color. David's manic fear that he's losing his grip on reality. The small easter egg to the Angriest Boy in the World. I'm so happy we were able to do a poster for this. Marc killed it.

YOUNG ANIMAL COLLECTION by Tula Lotay, Matt Taylor, Rosemary Valero-O'Connell, Jay Shaw

The Young Animal books have consistently been some of my favorite new comics hitting shelves, and getting to partner up and collaborate with Gerard Way on these pieces was pretty special. Each artist involved really hit the nail on the head with respect to their character/title. Matt's SHADE THE CHANGING GIRL is one of my favorite prints of the year, period. The colors, the foil paper, the energy, and vibrancy. It's just... fun. Tula's stunning DOOM PATROL and her beautiful illustration of Casey Brinke. Rosemary's CAVE CARSON HAS A CYBERNETIC EYE is pure pulp goodness. And finally, Jay's blazing and unnerving MOTHER PANIC. Each poster feels uniquely in harmony with its source material.


Tom Whalen's work on the Disney classics are some of my favorite posters we've ever produced. It's just a perfect marriage of artist and subject matter. His approach here is timeless, elegant, and expertly composed. D&L's printing on this poster helped it reach another level with its bold and vibrant colors. This thing sings in person.

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY by Matthew Woodson

A perfect poster by an artist at the top of his game. Nothing else to say.

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