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For Mom, With Love

Yes, believe it or not – it's almost May, and that means it's time to celebrate the women who helped make us the people we are, our Moms. They rented the videos, drove us to the comic shop, and geeked out with us over our favorite things.

Those of us here at Mondo are lucky to have had an incredible set of ladies raising us, so we asked our team to either ask their Moms what Mondo stuff they'd want brightening up their world on Mother's Day, or to tell us about a Mondo product their Mom would love. 

In stock and Mom-approved, here're a few surefire hits for the pop culture-loving lady who's always been there for you. To see much more, visit our For Mom, With Love Collection.

(Psst – call your Mom on May 10th. And every day before and after.)

Mondo Mom: Afsaneh Arfa
Mother of Roxy Arfa
Mondo Mom Pick: Won't You Be My Neighbor? – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

"My mom said she liked this because we used to watch Mr. Rogers together when I was young."

Mondo Mom: Fran Smith
Mother of Mike Bonanno
Mondo Mom Pick: Won't You Be My Neighbor? – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

“Mr. Rogers was such a beautiful positive person. I loved what a great role model he was for so many children”

Mondo Mom: Chelsea Lampinen
Sister of Mac Gibson
Mondo Mom Pick: UP Poster by Ken Taylor

"My sister and her whole family love watching this movie. And the print stood out because of the bright, yet muted colors on this print that she really liked."

Mondo Mom: Nancy Lowenstein
Mother of David Rancatore
Mondo Mom Pick: UP Poster by Ken Taylor

Mondo Mom: Denise Mahn
Mother of Shane Mahn
Mondo Mom Pick: Edna from THE INCREDIBLES Enamel Pin

"My mom loves THE INCREDIBLES and Edna in particular – she’s so animated!”

Mondo Mom: Rachel Toomim
Mother of Grace Chomick
Mondo Mom Pick: The Fauns / FANTASIA Enamel Pin

“Fantasia always reminds me of you, Grace. It was the only video we had for you to watch when you were a toddler, and you loved it. The little Fauns are fun because of their playful nature.”

Mondo Mom: Patricia Rodriguez
Mother of Mo Shafeek
Mondo Mom Pick: Mothra Zip-Up Hoodie

"My mother just loves striking imagery on shirts and apparel. When she would visit me at MondoCon she would ask about cool record label tee-shirts because of the design. So it shouldn’t surprise me that she adores this Mothra hoodie, though I’m not entirely sure if she’s ever seen the film."

Mondo Mom: Carolee Lavery
Mother of Caitlin Lavery
Mondo Mom Pick: Jonesy from ALIEN T-Shirt

"One of my mom’s favorite movies is ALIEN (plus she loves cats)."

Mondo Mom: Nenet Egbert
Mother of Tori Egbert
Mondo Mom Pick: Mickey Mouse Enamel Pin

Nenet: "Oh shoot! I have to go back to the hospital! I forgot my plants! A coworker gave me a bunch of those sook-lamps?"
Tori: "Succulents? Ma! Focus, please!?
Nenet: "I just don't know these people. Who is this? You have A LOT of pins! Oh there we go! Mickey Mouse Enamel Pin by Harrison."
Tori: "Which one?"
Nenet: "The color one is cute! His little umbrella! Oh wait the black and white one is cuuuuute! Wait, I'm not done!"
My dad trying to help: "Do you have anything Sketch?"
Tori: "Sketch?"
Dad: "Sketch? Stetch? What's his name? He's blue."
Nenet: "Oh they have powerpuff! I like whatever reminds me of you." <3

Mondo Mom: Mickie Vasquez
Mother of Tori Vasquez
Mondo Mom Pick: INSIDE OUT 7" Single

"Mom loves this music so much. Also loves Joni Mitchell a ton so this cover really brings it home for her. She has the whole collection!"

Mondo Mom: Marty Gober
Mother of Ian Lutz
Mondo Mom Pick: Bruce Lee Enamel Pin

"My mom loves old kung fu movies and Bruce Lee is her favorite."

Mondo Mom: Virginia Gibson
Mother of Mac Gibson
Mondo Mom Pick: US National Parks 1000-Piece Puzzle

"My Mom loved this puzzle because her and my and Step-Dad are *hopefully* retiring in 26 months (they’re counting down). They already have a camper and prepare to visit as many of the National Parks as possible (Step-Dad has a lifetime senior pass)."

Mondo Mom: Patricia Garza
Mother of Eric Garza
Mondo Mom Pick: A WRINKLE IN TIME Poster

“When I see this, I think of my two sons. Their dreams and aspirations, and what that they can and will accomplish. I know the girl is too young to be a mom, but I see my own interpretation... does that make sense?” 

Mondo Mom: Dayle Boucher

Mother of Jayme Boucher
Mondo Mom Pick: LABYRINTH Enamel Pin 

“I like anything that reminds me of the movies we used to watch together.”

Mondo Mom: Kristi Putnam
Mother of Mitch Putnam
Mondo Mom Pick: BRAVE Screenprinted Poster

Mondo Mom: Lisa Foster
Mother of Shannon Smith
Mondo Mom Pick: HOME ALONE 1000-Piece Puzzle

“I love the colors and detail in the puzzle. Working on it will bring back memories of one of my favorites holiday movies.”


Mondo Mom: Lynn Whalen
Mother of Allie Whalen
Mondo Mom Pick: THE IRON GIANT 1000-Piece Puzzle

"She's currently in a big jigsaw puzzle phase."

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