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GODZILLA Collectibles!

We're massive GODZILLA/Kaiju fans here in the Collectibles Dept., and seeing our apparel team launch shirts, hoodies, and pins last year gave us a major case case of FOMO. Not only because we loved all the GODZILLA stuff, but because we had our own fun things brewing, but weren't ready to show yet. Then when it was announced that the poster gang were doing a full GODZILLA/Toho rollout, we lost our minds and our patience - we HAD to show off what we were working on.

As we announced last year with our Toho press release, not only are we making pins, apparel, and posters, but statues and tiki mugs as well! Since it takes a lot longer to make what we do, it's often many months, even years, before we can show statues, figures, Tikis, etc. that we're working on. So please note - what I'm about to show you is all works-in-progress, meaning items are not complete, or may change before the final product is released. With this in mind, let's show ya what we've got! 

Starting with Tiki Mugs, take a gander at our Showa-era GODZILLA Tiki Mug. What you see here is a 3D print, which will then be sent to our factory to be molded, cast in clay/ceramic, fired, then glazed. This was designed by Tom "Thor" Thordarson, Hector Arce, and Mike Bonanno, and sculpted by Tufan Sezer with Hector Arce and Mike Bonanno again. Now as far as I'm aware, this is the first official GODZILLA Tiki Mug ever. Maybe even the first GODZILLA Tiki product in general! More on this one later this year, but for now, here you go:

When thinking about how to approach GODZILLA and all his friends & foes as statues, I wanted to make sure we created pieces that were big enough to have an epic presence the Toho monsters deserve, while not requiring an entire giant table to display.  I'm pretty pleased at the scale we landed at. Here's a look at the first in our line of GODZILLA/Toho statues, and we decided to start with GODZILLA, from 1989's GODZILLA VS BIOLLANTE. Another 3D print, this time before it's going to be painted, this piece was designed by Eric Siebenaler, and sculpted by Mark Newman and Hector Arce. Standing at about 14" in height, we can't wait to show off this piece in its final form!

Looking further ahead, here are a couple of concepts of the next in the statue line. Both of these were designed by Ian MacDonald.

First up is Mothra, in all her majestic beauty!

And Gigan, my personal fav of the Toho Kaiju!

Hope you're as stoked on these as we were making them! We can't wait to show off all of these later this year, when we reveal their final looks and share with you more details about each.

Praise to all monsters,

-Brock Otterbacher, Creative Director of Toys & Collectibles

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