GODZILLA MUSEUM: Attack Peter Statue (On-Sale Info)
Series 1 of our GODZILLA MUSEUM small-scale statue line continues with a jaw-dropping design from Attack Peter. The linocut master has taken what he's done on the page and expanded it into three radical dimensions. His work has already a become a staple of the Godzilla art world, so to see him take the reins on this statue is nothing short of fantastic.

This goes on sale on Tuesday, 10/05, at 12PM CT on The Drop on MondoShop.com.

GODZILLA MUSEUM: Attack Peter. Design by Attack Peter (Peter Santa-Maria). Sculpt by Tufan Sezer. Paint: Hilary Arce. Limited to 2000. Expected to ship Summer 2022. $120.

Artist Statement:

“Toys have always been my greatest love! One of my earliest toy memories as a child is that of my grandfather buying me what I now know is called the 'Imperial Godzilla!' He was a staple in all my multi-versal toy wars but mostly I admired his expression, form, paint, and even the seams. I took him with me everywhere! Figures like this one inspired so many creations in crayons, clay and eventually linoleum and ink! We are now full circle and I hope when you hold THE KING in your hands, he inspires joy, wonder, love and creativity!”

The first entry in Series 1, our Animated Series (1970s) statue, is also still available for pre-order:

GODZILLA MUSEUM: Godzilla - The Animated Series (1970s) - Limited Edition. Design & Paint by Hector Arce. Sculpt by Tufan Sezer. Packaging Design by Mike Bonanno. $120, Free Shipping Included for US.

And, of course, stay tuned for Godzilla Museum x Gojira (1954), arriving later this fall:

As always, we'll sound the alarm on our social channels when these new Godzilla releases storm to the surface.

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