GODZILLA VS. DESTOROYAH - Original Motion Picture Score LP (On-Sale Info)

"I have a feeling this is going to be Godzilla’s last fight."

We are thrilled to be continuing our journey through TOHO’s soundtrack catalog with the first-ever vinyl release of GODZILLA VS. DESTOROYAH. One of our all-time favorite films in the series (and one that is sure to bring a tear to the eye of any GODZILLA fan), it features an incredible score by maestro Akira Ifukube.

Releasing in two versions, a Mondo exclusive "Micro Oxygen Beam pink vinyl" (foil numbered edition of 2500) and a retail ‘Recycled Eco Wax’ edition (available at Mondo and all good record stores). Both the numbered edition and the first press of the retail edition feature a sound chip of Destoroyah’s roar and jaw-dropping artwork from Wes Benscoter.

As always, new releases will be available at 12PM CT on Wednesday, December 1.

GODZILLA VS. DESTOROYAH - Original Motion Picture Score LPMusic by Akira Ifukube. Art by Wes Benscoter. Pressed on 140 Gram Micro Oxygen Beam Vinyl (Mondo Exclusive) and Recycled Eco Wax. $30

Akira Ifukube returns! It’s 1995 A.D., and Toho decided to freeze their Godzilla franchise ... so what better way to go out with than a nuclear meltdown, which happens in GODZILLA VS. DESTOROYAH. Directed by Takao Okawara, the epic kaiju flick has Godzilla deadlier than ever before, with the absorption of uranium sending the temperature of his nuclear reactor heart soaring ... which will ignite Earth’s atmosphere and kill everybody when it explodes. Oh, and there’s also another kaiju on the loose, the prehistoric mutation Destoroyah. It never rains, but it pours!

Returning to score GODZILLA VS. DESTOROYAH was Akira Ifukube, who created the Big G’s sound in 1954. Fittingly, he got to lay Godzilla to rest once again for his final film. He first, bowever, brought back several of his older pieces for the mayhem, including the original Godzilla theme, with another repurposed for the fantastic new Super-X3. Destoroyah also receives a terrifying theme with powerful brass, but even his strength isn’t enough for Godzilla’s incredible force. But with that comes the death of the Big G, and Ifukube composes a beautiful requiem for his final scene.

The king is dead. Long live the king! (Charlie Brigden)

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