GREMLINS 2XLP, SPIDER-MAN Slip Mat, Re-Issues, Test Pressings and Free Domestic Shipping!

Hey everyone,

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! It's been a while since we've held a free shipping promotion, and we thought what better time than during the holidays? We know it's gift giving season, and every little bit helps!

Starting today (11/28) and going through Friday (12/02) at Midnight, all records and CDs ship for free throughout the US. And shipping for International orders is just $10 flat rate!

And if that wasn't enough, we are releasing the soundtrack to Gremlins on a deluxe 2XLP, an all new Spider-Man slip mat, a long overdue re-Issue of Steve Moore's score to The Guest, a re-issue of Le Matos' incredible debut Join Us, and much, much more!

As always, all new releases go on sale on Wednesday at NOON (CST).

Gremlins - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP. Composed & Conducted Jerry Goldsmith. Artwork by Phantom City Creative. Housed in a UV Sensitive Gatefold jacket, and Water Sensitive Disc Sleeves. Pressed on 180 Gram Gizmo (Disc 1 - Brown and White Swirl) and Gremlin (Disc 2 - Green Swirl) colored Vinyl. $35

Everyone knows the rules: Don't get 'em wet. Don't expose them to light. And above all else, don't feed them after Midnight. The only thing as iconic than the rules of Joe Dante's horror / holiday masterpiece Gremlins is Jerry Goldsmith's earworm score.

Bouncy, festive and frightful, Goldsmith is a master of genre blending - the soundtrack to Gremlins is not only essential for soundtrack collectors, but also for fans of the film. The complete expanded score available on vinyl for the first time.

To celebrate this incredible film, we pulled out all the stops. The 2XLP is housed in a UV sensitive gatefold jacket - when exposed to daylight, it reveals additional artwork. The disc sleeves are water sensitive as well - when exposed to a damp cloth, they reveal additional artwork (NOTE: Water and hot temperatures are as bad for vinyl as they are for Gremlins, so please be mindful when playing these records).

Spider-Man Slip Mat. Two Sided, featuring two classic Spider-Man logos. $12

It's been a while since we've created any new record accessories. When working on our Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage soundtrack series, we wanted to come up with a fun little accessory that would tie the New York superheroes together; what better way than a fellow New Yorker, everyone's favorite web-slinger: Spider-Man.

This two sided slip mat features two classic forms of Spidey's logo.

Le Matos - Join Us. Available in two versions: MondoCon edition pressed 2X 180g Grey Vinyl with White splatter (Disc 1) & White Vinyl with Grey splatter (Disc 2). Standard edition pressed on 2X 180 Grey & White swirl vinyl. $35

Long overdue repress of the first (self released) Le Matos on Death Waltz Originals, absolutely essential 80s influenced dance floor electro as indebted to John Carpenter as it is to the first Daft Punk record. What Le Matos have in spades (apart from synths) is a killer ear for a melody (just check out ‘Molly’ which manages to have the most hummable chorus ever despite having no lyrics) We love Le Matos and we are super stoked to be working with them on a new record for 2017!


The Guest - Original Score LP. Composed and Produced by Steve Moore. Artwork by Alan Hynes. Pressed on 180g Hot Pink Vinyl and housed inside a 350 matte laminated jacket with belly band. $28

Death Waltz Recording Company has yet another ace up our sleeve with the soundtrack to 2014's best action films, Adam Wingard's THE GUEST, with a musical score by Steve Moore. Critically acclaimed, the “guest” in question is David, a young man who lands on the doorstep of the Peterson family claiming to be a comrade of their son, who was killed while on tour in Afghanistan,. But while David appears to a model citizen, the family daughter discovers several clues that make her wonder “Just who is this man?”

Just like the film is a homage to 80's thrillers like THE TERMINATOR, Steve Moore's score belongs in another time, another place. Homaging rather than emulating, the music feels not only absolutely authentic but also fits the film like a glove. Great synth melodies are plentiful, the electronics swell with mystery and intrigue, and the sense of the robotic electro music has is perfect for the character of David. It's an intense journey but not one without reward – don't be afraid to let THE GUEST into your home and onto your turntable.

Le Matos - Turbo Kid (Chronicles Of The Wasteland). Pressed on 2X 180g Translucent Red Vinyl. Housed inside a 425gsm gatefold sleeve jacket complete with insert and obi strip. $35

We love Le Matos and was thrilled when we heard the were scoring Turbo Kid. Our double album presentation features 16 tracks from the film chosen and sequenced by the band with many in their original extended versions. The beauty of this is it not only does it feature your favourite cues from the movie but it flows more like a regular album than your average soundtrack. Le Matos have alway had an ear for a melody and they have them in spades on Turbo Kid , it’s the kind of electronic album that not only appeals to synths heads but also rock fans as it has an energy that makes it sound like a live band is playing. Obvious musicalcornerstones include 80’s synth pop, early Daft Punk and the Ed Banger label as much as Halloween or Blade Runner. I could bore you senseless for hours about how good this is or you could just ignore me , listen below and then buy it!

Distributed Titles

We have a bunch of fun new distributed titles in our collection just in time for this free shipping promotion including, but not limited to Deadpool Reloaded, Boy & The Beast, Ninja Scroll, and Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (featuring artwork by our friend Laurent Durieux).

Mondo / Death Waltz Recording Co. Test Pressings

For Five years, Mondo and Death Waltz Recording Co. have been accumulating our test pressings. At our last few MondoCon events, we've sold a few to fans, but this will be the first time we've opened this vault to the world.

Available for a limited time, we are offering random test pressings for $25. This spans both of our catalogs from the last 5 years.

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