IDIOCRACY by Shepard Fairey is On Sale Now!

Ten years ago when Mike Judge’s brilliant political satire IDIOCRACY was released, it felt like the cinematic version of a “don’t eat batteries” warning label. We all laughed. Of course we’d never do that! Well, here we are. No matter which side of the political spectrum you find yourself on our society is inching closer and closer to Mike’s prophetic vision. When the Alamo Drafthouse decided to celebrate the film with a huge 10th Anniversary screening, we just had to participate.

Shepard Fairey was the only choice for the poster. Shepard has spent his entire career engaging in the sociopolitical discourse of our country through his art. His poster for IDIOCRACY perfectly encapsulates everything we love, and fear, about the film. On the night of a presidential debate that might as well be an episode of “Ow! My Balls!” we’re very proud to release this poster into the world. It will be available as a timed edition for 72 hours. 100% of proceeds from sales will be donated to The League of Women Voters and Young Literati.

Please remember to register to vote, it’s the only way we can keep Whataburger from becoming Whatabooger in the not-so-distant future.

Idiocracy by Shepard Fairey
18”x24” Screen Print, Signed & Hand Numbered
Available for 72 Hours from (10/9) at 7PM CST to (10/12) at 7PM CST
Printed by Obey Giant
100% of proceeds go to the League of Women Voters & Young Literati
Expected to ship in 8 weeks

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