IFC Collection: Week 2 (On-Sale Info)

Tomorrow, we’ve got the second batch of new posters that are part of our 20 Years of IFC Films collection. IFC Films is one of the original trailblazers of independent cinema, and we’re pleased as punch to have partnered together on new screenprints for some of our favorite films - past and present.

This week, we’ve got new screenprints for a pair of cult classic, back catalog titles: Lars von Trier’s ANTICHRIST by Rafa Orrico and James Gunn’s SUPER by Leslie Herman. Additionally, we’ve also got a new poster for THE NOWHERE INN by Anne Benjamin. This film comes out this week and stars the always incredible Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) and Carrie Brownstein, playing fictionalized versions of themselves. This bizarre and surreal arthouse tour mockumentary chronicles fame, celebrity, and the effects it can have on us. We loved it.

These posters will be available Thursday, September 16 at 11AM CT on The Drop at mondoshop.com.

ANTICHRIST Screenprinted Poster. Art by Rafa Orrico. Printed by DL Screenprinting. 24" x 36". Edition of 120. Expected to ship in January 2022. Ships Worldwide. $55

SUPER Screenprinted Poster. Art by Leslie Herman. Printed by Lady Lazarus. 18" x 24". Edition of 150. Expected to ship in October 2021. Ships Worldwide. $50

THE NOWHERE INN Screenprinted Poster. Art by Anne Benjamin. Printed by DL Screenprinting. 24" x 36". Edition of 145. Expected to ship in January 2022. Ships Worldwide. $50

And we're only halfway through! Check out the full schedule of releases below, and come back next week for our newest wave:

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