IG-88 Giclee Poster and BDP x Mondo 23: RED DESERT Poster On Sale Info

This week, we present a pair of genuinely stunning posters from opposite ends of the cinematic universe.

The first is a new portrait of merciless android bounty hunter IG-88 by Mike Mitchell. Introduced to the Star Wars mythos in the first film as a Mos Eisley drink dispenser (!!!), IG-88 soon proved himself to be hard-wired for annihilation as a high-level trans-galactic assassin, and top rival to the otherwise unparalleled Boba Fett.

Despite IG-88's lack of... well... a face, it's a particularly memorable portrait in Mitchell's ongoing series of timeless entertainment icons, human or otherwise. Hand-numbered limited edition 13"x19" giclee print, signed by Mike Mitchell.

IG-88 Giclee Print. Art by Mike Mitchell. Printed by Static Medium. 13"x19". Edition of 525. Expected to ship in November 2020. Ships worldwide. $100.

Then, we join our friends in the UK at Black Dragon Press for our 23rd classic arthouse poster collaboration, this time for Michelangelo Antonioni’s RED DESERT, interpreted by the incomparable Katherine Lam.

Released in 1964, RED DESERT was Antonioni’s first color film, and rather than showcasing the stereotypical sunny, happy Italy that audiences had come to expect, the director presented a bleak industrial town for a masterful study of modernity and alienation. It's this bleak man-scarred landscape that Katherine Lam has placed front and center in her poster, made beautiful by her innate elegance and deft use of colors.

Black Dragon Press x Mondo #23: RED DESERT Screenprinted Poster. Art by Katherine Lam. Printed by White Duck Editions. 18"x24". Edition of 100. Expected to ship in November 2020. Ships worldwide. $55.

IG-88 by Mike Mitchell and RED DESERT by Katherine Lam are available for purchase tomorrow 10/20 at 11AM (CT) via The Drop.

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