January 2017 Collectibles Update

Brock Otterbacher, Creative Director, Toys & Collectibles

As we start the new year, I wanted to give some updates on where we are with pre-order items, warts-and-all. And for that, we have to talk about factories.

The factories we work with in China are simply the best at what they do. Almost any time we experience delays, it's been to improve our products, which factories take great pride in. Sometimes, however, there are things that are out of everyone's control... and currently that thing is paper. China has implemented new regulations in the processing of recycled paper, causing a factory-wide shortages while everyone gets up to spec. This is an over-simplification of this situation, but it all boils down to enforcement of better environmental policies.

So what's this mean for collectibles and toys? Packaging delays. Specifically for 1/6 scale Alfred Hitchcock, Marceline the Vampire Queen statue, and 1/6 scale Michelangelo and Raphael. In addition to the packaging delays, it's almost Chinese New Year (when traditionally, a lot of businesses including the factories take off for several weeks for the national holiday), so we're looking at a Spring delivery for most of these.

As for Donatello, though his box is printed and done, we're currently fine-tuning his production based feedback we've received after shipping Leonardo. Specifically, some mold seams on around the mouth; the factory is spending extra time polishing down so they're a lot less obvious. Here's an image from the factory of a before and after:

And here's a preview of the front panel of the box, continuing the look we started with Leonardo:

Donatello is expected to ship in the Spring.

While we're talking turtles, let's talk about a few tips regarding articulation. Turtle Tips, if you will, but these can be applied to many different types of figures.

1. Stiff joints? Having trouble swapping a head on an accessory? This is common in many figures, high-end or not. There are a few techniques to help with this, but my favorite involves using a hairdryer. Quite simply- using a hair dryer, carefully apply mild heat to the joint in question, being careful not to burn the figure (or more importantly- yourself!). After about 30 seconds or so, try to move the joint, and repeat until it moves smoothly. It may take a couple of applications, but it should fix the problem. The same goes with swapping heads or hands. In the case of not being able to put a new head or hand on to a joint, apply heat to the female joint, and then try plugging it in. Again - always be careful!

2. Loose joints? This tip comes from Paul aka Optibotimus on Twitter and Youtube (follow him for awesome toy reviews!). Using Pledge multi-surface "Floorcare" polish, or a similar product, dip a q-tip in it, then rub it on the joints, getting it fairly wet. Then flex the joints forward and back to get the liquid in the joint area. Doing this should tighten it up a bit. Repeat as needed. Here's a much more detailed example of this, via YouTube user eriver94:

Of course, we'll always be working on quality control in hopes that one will have to do these sorts of things less and less, but these are tips I feel every collector should know.

Last few updates for TMNT:

Mousers are arriving VERY soon! Expect them to be clearing out your rodent problems shortly!

Miss the Mondo exclusive Leonardo? We have VERY limited extras left, which are up on the site now, along with a limited quantity of the regular versions.

And finally: Ramona Flowers! I've received a few samples in and she's looking great! We have a bit of over-shading on her shirt, but it's something that's easily adjusted. Take a look:

She'll be landing in Spring, as well.

As for what's coming up? Next week, get ready for Harley!

And right after that, if you're a fan of our Mondo Tee-kis, here's a peek at what's next!

Thanks, as always, for your support! If you have any questions, our awesome customer service team can help you out here.

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