JAWS by Rafa Orrico (Posters), JAWS by Laurent Durieux (Puzzle) (On-Sale Info)
“ … as you see, it’s a beautiful day, the beaches are open and people are having a wonderful time.”

Summer is upon us. It’s a long weekend coming up for many ... and for film lovers that can only mean one thing: it’s time to rewatch Steven Spielberg’s 1975 masterpiece of cinema, JAWS.

Nearly 50 summers later and the original blockbuster is still as incredible, compelling, and re-watchable as it has ever been. Here’s the thing though … the film spawned several sequels, and although they didn’t quite achieve the chilling tension as Spielberg’s original open water terror, they still serve up a healthy dose of fun escapist entertainment for a blistering summer day indoors. We are here to champion most of them (sorry, JAWS: THE REVENGE purists).

Tomorrow we’re excited to offer a trio of new posters for JAWSJAWS 2, and JAWS 3-D by acting mayor of Amity Island, Rafa Orrico. We’ve quickly become huge fans of Rafa, and we are truly excited by his work for these these films. His eye for design is incredibly sharp, and no detail is without intention. This will surely make a handsome set on the walls of your vacation home in the vineyard.

We will also be releasing a 1000-piece puzzle, featuring the iconic work of Laurent Durieux, for the seminal JAWS, as well.

These posters and puzzle will be available tomorrow, Thursday, June 30 at 11AM CT, on The Drop at mondoshop.com.

JAWS Poster. Artwork by Rafa Orrico. 18"x24". Edition of 175. Printed by Lady Lazarus. Shipping to select countries in November 2022. $50

JAWS 2 PosterArtwork by Rafa Orrico. 18"x24". Edition of 150. Printed by Lady Lazarus. Shipping to select countries in November 2022. $50

JAWS 3-D Poster. Artwork by Rafa Orrico. 18"x24". Edition of 150. Printed by Lady Lazarus. Shipping to select countries in November 2022. $50

JAWS 1000-Piece Puzzle. 
Artwork by Laurent Durieux. Shipping to the US only. $20

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