JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS Record Release Party: Photo Recap

Mo Shafeek, Mondo Record Label Manager

Ever since I took the position of label manager at Mondo, I had always had the dream of reissuing the soundtrack to JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS. I've always loved the film and the music, but knew that it was barely even acknowledged among my film loving peers. So I toiled quietly on the side to put together what my dream version of a reissue would be, never once thinking that this little project of mine would eventually manifest itself into one of the most epic nights of my life.

Below you can check out some photos of the night. There will be video footage of Kay Hanley and Co's performance (a truly incredible rock set), and of the Q&A (which hopefully includes the unedited, sincere surprise and shock of a last minute arrival by Rosario Dawson). But of all the crazy moments of that night, I want to share one brief anecdote:

After the Q&A, it was our special guests' intention to watch the film with the audience. But when Rosario arrived, all plans went out the window. It was now a proper reunion for several people who had not spoken in nearly 16 years. But there was still an itch amongst the guests to get up there and watch the movie. We managed to get upstairs for the final stretch, from Josie's discovery of the conspiracy through to the final "Na-Na's" of Spin Around. Rosario and Rachael took a seat next to a dozen unsuspecting fans and watched with big smiles on their faces. I had the absolute surreal pleasure of being able to stand next to Writer / Director Harry Elfont as the rapturous applause and cheers from everyone in the building brought the house down. It was a truly powerful moment that I will live with forever, because at that moment, JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS officially became an undisputed cult classic.

Thank you to everyone who came out, sang along, bought a record, and cried and/or smiled, and cheered as loud as they could. Be proud of being a fan. Tell your friends about the film, and share the love. DuJour means family.

Photo Courtesy of Harry Elfont


Photo Credit: Mireyah Marcinek

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