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Lights, Kaiju, Action... DESTROY –  ‘The Art of Sofubi’ + A Big, Big Announcement

We’re deep into Day 4 of Comic-Con@Home, and today brings a sneak preview of some BIG upcoming releases. Like, skyscraper big. Like, rampaging monster stepping on skyscraper big.

Watch our panel discussion with Mondo Books’ Zack Carlson, Mondo Collectibles’ Michael Bonnano, and Mondo Music’s Spencer Hickman for an exclusive look at the upcoming Art of Sofubi book, plus... well, you'll have to watch to see which department swings in with the most gargantuan announce of all.

Details on The Art of Sofubi

Sofubi – “sofuto bineeru” (ソフトビニール) – are the otherworldly, jarring, often-disgusting/always-lovable soft vinyl Japanese toys that have captivated collectors all over the world. Two of our resident sofubi spelunkers – Spencer Hickman from Mondo Music and Michael Bonanno from Mondo Collectibles – are teaming up with photographer Robert Howell to explore unbelievable collections and rarities for next year’s Mondo Books release The Art of Sofubi. 

Sofubi Book

Sofubi aren’t the typical mass-produced toys like Madballs or M.U.S.C.L.E. Things – many of these mind-bending creations were released in very small editions of twenty-five, or eight, or in some cases... just one. Finding and photographing multiple sofubi is right up there with capturing genuine Sasquatch footage. But Spence, Mikey, and Robert are devoted to the cause, and are destined to risk life and limb to track down the most mutated menagerie of mini-monsters, and shine a light on one of the most visually arresting and bizarre corners of the limitless pop culture universe. 

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