Marvel's MAN-THING - PSYCHEDELIC VARIANT (Soft Vinyl) (On-Sale Info)
The next colorway in our collaboration with the legendary James Groman, Marvel's Man-Thing will be back on sale this Tuesday, April 12, but in a fantastic Psychedelic variant. Like our first figure, which went on-sale at last year's DesignerCon, this designer vinyl figure is sculpted in incredible detail by Groman (Madballs, Kaiju Killer, King Korpse) and now stunningly painted by our very own Hector Arce.
These photos barely do it any justice.

"I grew up reading every issue I could get my hands on of Marvel Comics' resident swamp monster, the macabre Man-Thing. Having worked in the Toys and Collectibles industry for over 30 years, it's so awesome to finally have the opportunity to do my own version of one of my all-time favorite comic book monster heroes. I hope all the vinyl and comic book fans like what me and the folks at Mondo have put together. It was a blast to work on."
- James Groman

With 3 points of articulation, this massive 12 inch tall figure is a stunning, psychedelic sight to behold. The paint job is incredible, and brings out incredible details from the sculpt.
"James Groman is a legend in the toy world, and an artist I have looked up to for as long as I can remember. Never in a million years did I think I would get to paint a Groman piece, let alone have it be such a unique character in the Marvel mythos. I really wanted to do something different with these paints, so I instantly knew I needed two main colors: Pink and Blue
James' main version turned out so great that this was no easy task ... and was frankly intimidating! There's just so much ground to cover on this sculpt, so many wonderful details and little hidden items throughout, that finding all the right colors that spoke with the Pinks and Blues wasn't easy! In the end, I think I found the right balance and I'm really proud of the result!
I hope everyone digs this wild, colorful, psychedelic version of our favorite swamp monster! And a huge thank you to James for trusting me to do something fun with his sculpture."
- Hector Arce, Creative Director, Toys and Collectibles
Marvel's MAN-THING Designer Vinyl Figure (Psychedelic Variant) goes on sale at 12PM CT on Tuesday, April 12.
Marvel's MAN-THING Designer Vinyl Figure (Psychedelic Variant). Design and Sculpt by James Groman. Paint by Hector Arce. Packaging by James Groman and Mike Bonanno. Photography by Robert Howell.
Edition of 125. Expected to Ship in August 2022 to Select Locations$275

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