MONDO GALLERY: House Party 4

It's that time again! Announcing the return of our all-originals gallery show during SXSW 2019: House Party 4! The exhibition will feature over 100 pieces of one-of-a-kind, original artwork at a fixed $200 price point from an amazing lineup of artists.

The two-day show will kick off with a reception open to the public, on Friday, March 15 from 7PM to 10PM and will be on display through Saturday, March 16. Mondo Gallery is located at 4115 Guadalupe Street in Austin, TX.

NOTE: limit to 2 pieces per person at a time, and they can't be from the same artist.

Artist Line-Up:

Aaron Horkey
Alan Hynes
Alex Kirzhner
Amy Earles
Anne Benjamin
Arik Roper
Becky Cloonan
Brandon Holt
Cameron Stewart
Cesar Moreno
Dan Black
Dan McCarthy
Daniel Danger
Dave Quiggle
David Welker
Eric Nyffeler
Eric Powell
Erica Williams
Esao Andrews
Florian Bertmer
Gary Pullin
Greg Ruth
JC Richard
JJ Harrison
Jackson Dryden
Jacob Van Loon
Jason Edmiston
Jay Ryan
Jeremy Hush
Jessica Seamans
Joao Ruas
John Vogl
Johnny Dombrowski
Justin Santora
Ken Garduno
Ken Taylor
Marc Aspinall
Marq Spusta
Matt Ryan Tobin
Matthew Woodson
Mike Sutfin
Miles Tsang
Nicolas Delort
Nicole Gustafsson
Niky Motekallem
Nimit Malavia
Paige Reynolds
Randy Ortiz
Rhys Cooper
Rich Kelly
Rich Knepprath
Richey Beckett
Rob Jones
Rory Kurtz
Ryan Duggan
Sam Turner
Scott C
Sonny Day
Stephanie Brown
Teagan White
The Little Friends of Printmaking
Tim Wiesch
Tom Whalen
Tula Lotay
Vanessa Foley
Yosiell Lorenzo
Zeb Love

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