Mondo Gallery Presents: The Art of Ken Garduno

We're pleased to announce our next gallery show featuring a collection of mixed media portraits by the incredibly talented LA-based artist Ken Garduno. Ken has exhibited at MondoCon for the past three years, and we can't wait to welcome him to the Mondo Gallery next weekend.

"Ken Garduno is one of those 'your favorite artist's favorite artist' kind of people. We've been in love with his beautiful, intimate portraits for years, and they're beyond affordable. It feels great to catch a show with him on his way up the gallery ladder," said Creative Director Mitch Putnam.

"My portraits of women started with trying to capture likenesses of Hollywood actresses and supermodels that drew me in with specific attributes. Details like a beauty mark, freckles, or the outline of a profile became obsessions. My early attempts were unsuccessful, frustrating, and made me strive for the ability to capture the beauty of women. This series is my latest attempt to capture that beauty combined with my exploration of new techniques I've learned along the way," said Ken Garduno.

Please join us for the opening reception for the weekend-long exhibition on Friday, November 18th from 7-10PM. The show runs through Saturday (11/19) at 6PM CST.

Interference by Ken Garduno

Jade by Ken Garduno

Rainbows by Ken Garduno

Hypnogogia by Ken Garduno

Guide by Ken Garduno

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