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Mondo Weekly: Ennio Morricone's Score to SPACE: 1999

Hey All - this week we have Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack to SPACE: 1999 on Death Waltz, never before released on vinyl! In Italy, they cut three episodes of the British Sci-Fi television show together and released it to theatres as a full-length film, and the legendary Morricone composed the score in all its full-on Jazz skronk awesomeness! We are thrilled to finally release this on vinyl.

Also available this week on the distributed titles front are new releases from our friends at Burning Witches Records, Enjoy the Ride Records, and Wyrd war.

As usual, new releases go on sale Wednesdays at NOON (CT).

Space: 1999 - Original Motion Picture Score LP. Music Composed by Ennio Morricone. Artwork by Chris Bilheimer. Liner notes by Nick Williams (Fanderson). 2x 180 Gram Vinyl (Disc 1: "Landing Pad" Orange & Black Vinyl / Disc 2: "Evil Eye" Orange and White Vinyl.) $30

Death Waltz Recording Company is ready to whisk you far into the future - to the end of the 20th Century - with the truly out-of-this-world Ennio Morricone score to SPAZIO: 1999, starring the late, great Martin Landau. Produced by the legendary Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, the feature was constructed out of three episodes of the revered SPACE: 1999 television show to introduce Italian audiences to Commander Koenig and his crew. It thrilled audiences with nuclear explosions, parallel universes, and space opera thrills, all coming out of Moonbase Alpha. While the Italian show still featured the brassy sound of Barry Gray, legendary maestro Morricone was employed to bring a decidedly different feel to the theatrical film.

From the opening, the score launches into wild space jazz with piano and trumpet interspersed with all kinds of noise before it descends into a creepier vibe. Morricone uses unsettling violins and atonal music together with electronics to simulate the void of space and the danger faced by the intrepid heroes. What emerges is a mix of sci-fi and horror that will not only thrill you, but also scare the living daylights out of you. Human decision required.

- Charlie Brigden, Creator, The Sound of Fear Podcast


Wizards - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Released on Wyrd War. Music by Andrew Belling. Pressed on 180g Black Vinyl. $26

Wyrd War proudly presents the score to Ralph Bakshi’s animated masterwork WIZARDS for the first time. Composer Andrew Belling delivered one of the first truly musical scores for a major Hollywood film composed entirely for ARP2500 and ARP 2600 synthesizers. Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk, featuring liner notes by Dennis Dread, and interviews with both Ralph Bakshi and Andrew Belling.

Maine - 'V'. Released on Burning Witches Records. 2x Black Vinyl LPs, including download card & 2 bonus vinyl edition only tracks. Artwork by Hauntlove. $35

Brand new on Burning Witches Records, Parisian composer Michel Dupay makes a welcome return as MAINE with the follow up to 2016’s much lauded album titled 'IV'. To compliment his strict analogue criteria 'V' is set to be released initially on 2x black vinyl prior to being made available on digital formats.

To reiterate his love for analogue techniques Michel says,"This is because things have to contact to create a sound or vibration. That's as important to me as having to touch each instrument to play it. In turn, a needle has to be on the record, the machine head having to connect with the cassette. It's hugely relevant. I like the thought of people experiencing the music via these means, I don't really connect with iTunes, Spotify and the like."

All of MAINE's equipment is pre-1982 and a large factor in the returning SECONDSON as producer is that he too is exclusively analogue. Michel always gets the unique opportunity to record his music through a recording console that belonged to Gary Numan.

True Romance - Original Motion Picture Score LP. Released on Enjoy the Ride Records. Music by Hans Zimmer. Pressed on 180 Gram Silver Vinyl, with a bonus Purple Cadillac 7-Inch. $30

Enjoy the Ride Records is proud to present the release of the TRUE ROMANCE Original Motion Picture Score, available for the first time in any format. The score, which had been previously unreleased until now, features the music of renowned film score composer and record producer Hans Zimmer.

Recorded on a budget of nine musicians (after being told the plans for a full orchestra had to be scrapped due to director Tony Scott going over budget), Hans Zimmer's TRUE ROMANCE score features percussion instruments xylophones and marimbas to create innocent noise, a reflection of the lead characters - Alabama + Clarence Worley - in the violently dark comedy written by Quentin Tarantino. Featuring original art by Steven Wild, the art captures the spirit of the iconic characters the cult classic film.

Crank: High Voltage - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP. Released on Enjoy the Ride Records. Music Composed and Performed by Mike Patton. Pressed on 2x 180-gram Yellow Vinyl. $30

Enjoy the Ride Records in conjunction with Lakeshore Records is proud to announce the first ever vinyl release of the CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, composed and performed by Mike Patton.

Over 30 heart pumping tracks spanning dozens of genres, CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is 2XLP set featuring brand new artwork & full color 4-page insert. Insert includes liner notes by Mike Patton. Patton, best known for being the lead singer of alternative metal bands Faith No More and Mr. Bungle, has been involved in multiple facets of the music industry for years. Crank: High Voltage is the first soundtrack that Patton composed and performed. The soundtrack is a is a non-stop thrill ride – even if one hasn’t seen the film, you can feel the energy expressed throughout, thanks to Patton’s phenomenal work.

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