Mothra: TOKYO SOS Statue + MOTHRA VS. GODZILLA Posters (On Sale Info)
Throughout the years, Godzilla has stolen all the headlines to be known as the King of Monsters. But the Queen of the Monsters is undoubtably one of the worlds most iconic kaiju of all-time. And while Mothra may not officially have the title of “Queen,” she sure as heck deserves it. So this week, we want to celebrate her in all of her glory.
First up, we have a pair of awesome new posters by Tom Whalen for one of our favorites from the Shōwa Era, MOTHRA VS. GODZILLA -- available both in a regular English edition, as well as a Japanese variant. Tom has been regularly crushing it with each Godzilla release, and these are no different. These posters go on sale tomorrow at 12PM CT on The Drop.

MOTHRA VS. GODZILLA Screenprinted Poster. Art by Tom Whalen. Printed by DL Screenprinting. 24" x 36". Edition of 225. Expected to ship in September 2021. Ships to US & Canada Only. $55.

MOTHRA VS. GODZILLA Variant Screenprinted Poster. Art by Tom Whalen. Printed by DL Screenprinting. 24" x 36". Edition of 125. Expected to ship in September 2021. Ships to US & Canada Only. $75.

These posters will be available Tuesday, 6/15 on The Drop.

And now, more on that MOTHRA: TOKYO SOS statue...

Mothra's one of the few kaiju who has taken Godzilla head on, and actually stood toe-to-toe to either match his strength or subdue him -- no easy feat, considering Godzilla just about defeats anything in its path.
Godzilla and Mothra are pretty much two sides of the same coin, both having enormous impact in kaiji mythos and both being insanely popular around the world. If Godzilla represents sheer power and destruction, Mothra represents heart, forgiveness, and hope for mankind
Mothra has been in many movies throughout the years, with one of her most impressive appearances taking place in the intense sequel to GODZILLA AGAINST MECHAGODZILLA, GODZILLA: TOKYO SOS. Mothra goes into an all-out battle with Godzilla to try and stop him from destroying Tokyo (again!). Her look and design in this film feels like her most realized appearance making it the perfect choice for us when it came to designing the statue. Below you can see Ian McDonald's beautiful concept art which kicked things off: 
We then turned to the ultra-talented Matt Black to bring Mothra to life and handle the sculpting duties.
Once the sculpt is finished, it was then 3D printed and handed off to a painter. In this case, Hector Arce, Creative Director for Mondo Toys and Collectibles handled the paint application and design.

“There was an intense pressure I felt when I decided to take this project on myself. I knew how much history and love there is for the character, I just wanted to do it justice. I was my own harshest critic, redoing large sections until I felt I got the colors just right. It was one of the most challenging and awesome experiences in my career.” - Hector Arce
With an awesome statue, comes the need for some killer packaging art, and we knew that asking long-time Godzilla fan Tom Whalen to illustrate the box art was the best way to go. Below you can see his incredible illustrations featured on the packaging, as well as Mike Bonanno’s packaging layout.
Creating a statue for one of the coolest and most iconic kaiju ever is a dream come true. Having this statue be a follow up to our previous Godzilla '89 Premium Scale statue felt like the right choice. We're super excited to show you all what's to come in this line of large scale statues. Mothra goes on sale tomorrow at 11AM CT on

And keep an eye out around SDCC for some exciting news and previews for what's next in this line. 

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