Scare-Mare + Scare Glow 1/6 Scale Figures - Timed Edition (On-Sale Info)

Mondo is excited to announce our first original contribution to MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE mythology ... Scare-Mare, evil steed of Scare Glow. 


Once slain in battle with King Randor, Karak Nul’s loyal horse has been resurrected by Scare Glow’s dark powers as a terrifying, half-spectral beast! 

Released to coincide with the new Scare Glow Deluxe 1/6 Scale Figure ‚Äď Timed Edition, our¬†Scare-Mare 1/6 Scale Figure ‚Äď Timed Edition¬†lights up the night with a fully glow in the dark body with semi-transparent flames (and yes, that means the wings, tail, mane and all glow).

Featuring an incredible 54‚ÄĚ wing span, this evil steed also comes complete with fully removable armor, fabric cloth elements and chain links. And because of the whopping wing span, we‚Äôve made the wings detachable with spectral energy swap outs for display flexibility.¬†


Conceived by Mondo Senior Directors 
Hector Arce and Bob Fulkerson, Scare-Mare was designed by MOTU historian Florian Bertmer and Arce, and brought to after-life by mighty Mondo reanimators Tommy
Hodges (Sculpt) and Arce (Paint).  
We’re honored that Mattel entrusted us with designing a new, canonized character that’s officially part of MASTERS lore, and we’ve partnered with Dark Horse Comics on a new mini-comic revealing Scare-Mare’s dark origins.  

And we liked Florian Bertmer‚Äôs mini-comic cover so much, we turned it into an 18‚ÄĚ x 24‚ÄĚ poster to celebrate its¬†release!

Physical copies of the mini-comic will be included with your Scare-Mare order, or as part of our 
Scare Glow Deluxe + Scare-Mare 1/6 Scale Bundle. 
That’s right ... we’re also introducing the definitive version of our favorite Evil Ghost!

Completely redesigned from head to toe, the Scare Glow Deluxe 1/6 Scale Figure features a ton of firsts like fully sculpted bones and the premiere revelation of Karak Nul’s human form. 

We worked hard with Mattel to give this character the full Mondo treatment, creating new dark magic effects and weapons including the Mourning Star and fully bendable, poseable Glow-in-the-Dark Spine Whip.

Designed by Emiliano Santalucia and sculpted by Matiporn Thamtarana, Scare-Glow was painted by Alex Alva and Hector Arce, with cut and sew by Tim Hanson, and just like Scare-Mare, with packaging art by Florian Bertmer and packaging design by Jordan Christianson. 
And the deluxe treatment wouldn’t be complete without an array of wired fabric elements for dynamic display. Plus, we’ve outfitted Scare Glow with armor for the first time! (But don’t worry, it’s fully removable in case you want to keep it traditional with the classic cape, portrait and axe.) 

Our Scare Glow Deluxe + Scare-Mare 1/6 Scale Bundle not only scores you a discount on both figures, it includes the poster plus two exclusive Scare Glow accessories ... the Flaming Skull Glow-in-the-Dark Portrait and Flaming Scythe Accessory! 

Both 1/6 scale figures, the poster and the bundle will all be available as Timed Editions from Tuesday, July 23 at NOON CT through Friday, August 9 at NOON CT ... only at 
Masters of the Universe - Scare-Mare 1/6 Scale Figure - Timed Edition 

Product Includes list: 
  • Scare-Mare Glow-in-the-Dark Figure¬†
  • Fully Removable Armor¬†
  • Removable Wings¬†
  • Interchangeable Flames that Attach to Wing Socket¬†
  • Scare-Mare 6-Page Mini-Comic¬†

Concept by Hector Arce & Bob Fulkerson. Concept Design by Florian Bertmer & Hector Arce. Sculpt by Tommy Hodges. Paint by Hector Arce. Packaging Art by Florian Bertmer. Packaging Design by Jordan Christianson. Photography by Ra√ļl Barrero.¬†
Free Shipping to the US. Discounted $50 Flat Rate International Shipping. Estimated Shipping February 2024. Ships to Select Countries. $599 

Masters of the Universe - Scare Glow Deluxe  1/6 Scale Figure - Timed Edition 

Product Includes list: 

  • Scare Glow Glow-in-the-Dark Figure¬†
  • Scare Glow Standard¬†Glow-in-the-Dark¬†Portrait¬†
  • Scare Glow Classic Glow-in-the-Dark¬†Portrait¬†
  • Karak Nul Portrait¬†
  • Mid-Transformation Karak Null¬†Glow-in-the-Dark¬†Portrait¬†
  • Wired Fabric Cape¬†
  • Fabric Shroud with Wired Tassels¬†
  • Wired Fabric Scarf and Collar¬†
  • Wired "Classic" Scare Glow Cape¬†
  • Fully Removable Shoulder and Waist Armor¬†
  • Faux Loin Cloth¬†
  • Scythe¬†
  • Classic Scare Glow Axe¬†
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Bendable Spine Whip¬†
  • Mourning Star with Chain¬†
  • Transparent "Dark Magic" Energy Ball Attached to Hand¬†
  • Transparent "Dark Magic" Skull Blast Attached to Hand¬†
  • 3 Pairs of Interchangeable Hands¬†

Concept Design by Emiliano Santalucia. Sculpt by Matiporn Thamtarana. Paint by Alex Alva &¬†Hector Arce. Cut and Sew by Tim Hanson. Packaging Art by Florian Bertmer. Packaging Design by Jordan Christianson. Photography by Ra√ļl Barrero.¬†
Free Shipping to the US, Canada, UK & EU. Estimated Shipping February 2025. Ships to Select Countries. $275 

Scare-Mare (Timed Edition) Gicl√©e Poster.¬†Artwork by Florian Bertmer. 18‚ÄĚ x 24‚ÄĚ. Printed by Static Medium. Estimated Shipping October 2024. Ships to Select Countries.¬†$60¬†


Masters of the Universe - Scare-Mare & Scare Glow Deluxe 1/6 Scale Bundle - Timed Edition 

Product Includes list: 

  • Masters of the Universe - Scare-Mare 1/6 Scale Figure - Timed Edition¬†
  • Masters of the Universe - Scare Glow Deluxe¬†1/6 Scale Figure - Timed Edition¬†
  • Scare-Mare (Timed Edition) Gicl√©e Poster¬†
  • Scare Glow Flaming Skull Bundle Exclusive Glow in the Dark Portrait¬†
  • Flaming Scythe Bundle Exclusive Accessory¬†
Free Shipping to the US. Discounted $50 Flat Rate International Shipping. Estimated Shipping February 2024. Ships to Select Countries. $775 

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