MOTU: Trap Jaw Deluxe - Timed Edition (1:6 Scale Figure)

The psychotic interdimensional cyborg has joined our
MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE 1:6 scale figure line. As we’ve built this figure line over the years, we always knew that Trap Jaw was a must, and it was just a matter of time until he joined up with Mer-Man, Faker, Scareglow and the rest of the Evil Warriors. 

Updating Trap Jaw’s design was the goal, but most importantly we had to honor what had come before ... keeping the familiar in place, but also elevating the design to the next level and imagining what he would look like in the real world. 

We reached out to Florian Bertmer to come up with this reimagining, and he really embedded it with his own style ... while staying true to the original design aesthetic we all know and love. Trap Jaw being Florian’s favorite MOTU baddie, he jumped at the chance and put a lot of passion into the project: 

“Trap Jaw has always been my favorite character next to Skeletor, and I wanted to pay tribute to the original mini-comic concept that he is an escaped criminal from another dimension, while also incorporating elements of his 200x Kronis backstory ... a battle-hardened soldier that has lost his sanity.” 

Check out his concept art below: 

One aspect of Florians design that really excited us was the arm piston he included. The idea of a working arm piston for this figure sounded so fun! We couldn’t wait to figure out how to actually make it work.  

Another thing we wanted to do was jam-pack Trap Jaw with all his accessories. He comes with all the weapons you’d expect, including our personal favorite ... the fly swatter! All the weapons attach to his giant belt and one can be attached to the back of his chest harness. 

Here’s a video turn that showcases some of the articulation and accessories: 

Lastly, Florian mentioned that we had to include the Kronis parts.  

MOTU lore time: For those who don’t know, Kronis was Trap Jaw’s original name (he was one of Keldor’s henchmen). Keldor transformed into Skeletor and became more and more unstable by the day. Kronis grew tired of this and decided to leave Skeletor’s group and form his own army.  
Naturally, Skeletor did not take too kindly to this. The two battled, and as a result, Skeletor punched Kronis so hard that it destroyed his jaw and arm. Seeing more use out of Kronis, Skeletor informed Tri-Klops to transform him, turning Kronis into the insane Trap Jaw!  

Kronis accessories are fully swappable. You can swap out Trap Jaw’s head and mechanical arm and replace it with the Kronis head and arm ... giving you two figures in one!
For the sculpting process we reached out to Richard Force to provide his skills and help us realize Florians art into 3D. From there, Tommy Hodges took the sculpt, made some awesome adjustments and drove it all home.  
Tommy handled the articulation and made sure the all-important arm piston worked and functioned as envisioned. While working on Trap Jaw, we also updated some of the base body's articulation (all our MOTU figures use the same base body), focusing on making the waist function better. There will be even more updates to the base body in our next figure.  
Here’s a look at the 3D digital sculpture and engineering that went into it: 

We reached out to
Mark Bristow to paint the figure, and that’s where it all clicked into place. We knew we had created something special! And speaking of special, let’s take a look at all the amazing photography by Raúl Barrero.

s photo’s never cease to amaze us, and he really crushed it here with these striking images!

We are so proud to continue partnering with Mattel to bring you all these badass figures. We truly appreciate all the support you all have given this line. Trap Jaw is one of our favorites, but it doesn’t end here ... keep an eye out for the ultimate evil coming soon! 

Product includes: 

  • Trap Jaw Figure  
  • Mondo Jaw Head 
  • Kronis Head 
  • Kronis Right Arm 
  • Classic Jaw Head 
  • Removable Shoulder Armor and Chest Harness 
  • Right Mech Arm 
  • Spiked Mace Weapon 
  • Faux Fur Loin Cloth  
  • Mech Arm Articulated Claw 
  • Mech Arm Hook 
  • Mech Arm Grapple Hook with String 
  • Mech Arm Crossbow 
  • Mech Arm Fly Swatter 
  • Mech Arm Blaster 

figure will be available only as a 48 hour Timed Edition. The pre-order goes live on on Tuesday (3/7) at 12PM CT. 

Trap Jaw Deluxe – Timed Edition (1:6 Scale Figure). Concept Design by Florian Bertmer. Sculpt by Richard Force and Tommy Hodges. Paint by Mark Bristow.  

Packaging Art by Florian Bertmer. Packaging Design by Gabe Chicoine. Photography by Raúl Barrero. Art Direction by Hector Arce. 

Expected to ship in September 2023. Ships to most locations worldwide. Free shipping to the United States, Canada, UK and the EU.  

Limit three per customer. Payment plans are available. $235

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