Music Weekly: Adam Wingard Hypno-Synth LP and WE ARE STILL HERE Soundtrack

Hello everyone. This week we’re thrilled to finally bring you the soundtrack to Ted Geoghegan’s 1970s-inspired shocker WE ARE STILL HERE, featuring a score by Wojciech Golczewski and artwork by Sister Hyde Design. Additionally, we're excited to present the debut solo LP from director Adam Wingard (THE GUEST; GODZILLA vs KING KONG) who has soundtracked his experience of going under deep hypnosis with an incredible ambient/electronic LP.

We are also excited to welcome both TIGER LAB and SPIKEROT RECORDS into the Mondo Distributed titles family, and from this Wednesday you’ll be able to find the entire catalogues for all both labels, as well as restocks for the entire TERROR VISION catalog in our online store.

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WE ARE STILL HERE - Original Soundtrack Vinyl LP 

Composed by Wojciech Golczewski. Artwork by Sister Hyde. Pressed on 180g Demon Dagmar vinyl and housed inside a spot varnish gatefold sleeve. Featuring download codes and liner notes from director Ted Geoghegan. Mondo exclusive of 666 numbered units. $25. Expected to ship in October 2020. Ships Worldwide. Available digitally on all streaming platforms and Bandcamp.

Ted Geoghegan’s WE ARE STILL HERE is a potently multithreaded horror film; what seems like a contemplation of grief becomes a tale of unspeakable and enigmatic terror. Complementing this twisted tale is the haunting score by Polish composer Wojciech Golczewski (MOHAWK; BEYOND THE GATES) and three otherworldly rock numbers by Slow Moses and Kleen Kut. Golczewski’s deft compositions embrace the story’s rich dynamic but never try to overstep it. As we experience the trials of the Sacchetti couple, who’ve moved into an old farmhouse in an inhospitable New England town, Golczewski treats us to a host of equally delicate and indelicate passages.

Dry, creaky strings, an ominous electronic hum, and the searing burn of the synths all leave an indelible mark with each suspended breath of foreboding and every histrionic blaze. Phoenix-based Slow Moses’ dreamy “Gas Station” and hallucinogenic “Teenage Sun” are bruised-and-battered songs that add a whimsical counterpoint to the beautifully terrifying tapestries that Golczewski weaves. New York-based Kleen Kut’s rare “Running Out of Time” is a dark, disembodied rocker with phantasmal melodies unfurling from ancient truths. It carries propulsive, raw energy that codifies the sentiments of the film into a guitar-driven, minor-key strut of otherworldly enchantment. Even after the last note fades, we are still here for another spin. (Aaron Vehling,



Artwork by Luke Insect. Pressed on 180g Blue, Black and Green expanded mind vinyl housed inside a gatefold sleeve and die-cut slipcase. Complete with download card. $20. Expected to ship in October 2020. Ships Worldwide. Available digitally on all streaming platforms and Bandcamp (

Who were you in a past life? Many have thought about this. Director Adam Wingard (THE GUEST; YOU’RE NEXT; DEATH NOTE) went further, venturing into a deep hypnotic state to get answers, and afterward created the inventive and aptly titled PAST LIFE REGRESSION. He uses an innovative electronic blend of cinematic and ambient sound not unlike his BLAIR WITCH score.

Still, this time the deeply personal nature of the project adds a new layer of transcendence. You feel like he’s scoring your own past life regression journey. It opens with “The Beach,” a sun-drenched splash of beautiful dissonance, pairing digitally scrambled electronics and soothing but portentous tides. You are now entranced, seeing a doorway with a deep-black pull into forgotten lives. Once you enter the door over a sea of drone, you make your way through a rich and melodic tapestry of nuanced synth-scapes. The occasional burst of propulsive rhythms maintains momentum through each successive concentric circle of discovery. By the time you hit the ominous meditations of “The Ladder Down,” the Vangelis vibes of “Deeper Recall,” and the resolute closer “Relive,” you’ve witnessed your unfamiliar but eerily recognizable lives pass you by. And then, soon, you’ll go back to the beginning and do it all over again. (Aaron Vehling,



The entire Tiger Lab back catalogue is now in stock, bringing together the most extensive Anime titles including DEATH NOTE, DEMON CITY SHINJINKU, UROTSUKIDOJI and more.



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The entire Terror Vision back catalogue is now in stock including KILLING SPREE, BRAIN DAMAGE, PET SEMATARY II and more.

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