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Music Weekly: AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE LP Soundtrack + Distro. Titles!

Hello all! This week we are super proud to bring you the score for THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE LP just in time for the holiday season!

We fell in love with this film (and score) when we saw it at Fantastic Fest in 2016 and we just knew we had to release the score to what is one of our favorite horror films of the last 10 years.

We asked Jay Shaw to design the packaging and after spending a month or so bouncing ideas off each other we came up with the most fitting (and grotesque) package that we could for the film. If you haven't seen the film, it’s available on Blu-ray from our good friends at Shout Factory.

We are also very excited to have some amazing distributed titles this week including two titles from our friends in the UK at Spun Out Of Control Records (Steve Nolan & Correlations), an exclusive of the new Blackest Rainbow release (Andrew Liles) and finally a compilation album from Pussyfoot Records (Space is the Plaice).

On behalf of myself and Mo (and the whole Mondo team) we’d like to thank you once again for supporting us throughout the year. You guys are the the absolute best and we look forward to sharing some absolutely incredible titles next year. Feel free to let us know what you want to see! It’s a pleasure to be able to release these incredible scores on vinyl and work with so many amazing studios, composers and artists. See you in 2019!

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THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.
Music written and performed by Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans. Package design by Jay Shaw. Pressed on 180 Gram Clear vinyl with Red and Blue Veins. Housed inside a triple gatefold sleeve and complete with a body bag. Expected to Ship in January 2019. Ships Worldwide. $32

If you haven’t seen the AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE please rectify that immediately, it’s available on Blu-ray from our good friends at Shout Factory. It’s a genuinely chilling tale of a father and son mortuary team who get a body delivered that is unlike any they have ever examined - an unidentified female 'Jane Doe'. As they begin to perform the autopsy in the dead of night, they begin to uncover the story of the corpse and slow creeping dread turns to all out horror masterfully directed by André Øvredal this is essential viewing for any horror fan.

The score by Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans is tense, brooding and a genuinely scary listen (not recommended for late nights if you want to sleep)! It’s pitch perfect in creating mood and atmosphere one minute and letting loose into complete madness the next. The package was designed by Jay Shaw and we wanted to really give you a sense of the movie when you open it. The record is clear with blue and red veins swirling round Jane Doe’s heart and is housed in a triple foldout gatefold that requires you to perform some surgery to get to the vinyl. The whole package is rounded out in a body bag! Strictly limited to 700 copies - one copy per person.

Take a closer look at the amazing package art below!


Sodium Party LP by Steve Nolan.
Released on Spun Out Of Control Records. Pressed on Classic Black Wax vinyl with Japanese-style paper obi strip/band. Limited to 300 copies. Expected to Ship in December 2018. Ships Worldwide. $24

The debut vinyl release on the London electronica and soundtrack label Spun Out Of Control, is a film score that mixes beautifully haunting piano motifs with kick-ass industrial synth. Showcasing the epic talents of composer Steve Nolan, former keyboardist with '90s Irish industrial rockers InDust. Fans of Angelo Badalamenti and Nine Inch Nails’ music for the visuals of David Lynch will find much to savor here.

The official soundtrack to Sodium Party has been primped and polished to perfection by Steve since its ultra-limited 2016 cassette release, with this 2018 re-master for vinyl overseen by Antony Ryan. Features specially commissioned cover and label artwork by Eric Adrian Lee. Download card with all retail copies.

DISTRIBUTED TITLES Aftermath LP by Correlations. Released on Spun Out Of Control Records. Pressed on 'Sky Blue' colored vinyl complete with Japanese-style pair obi strip/band. Limited to 300 hand numbered copies. Expected to Ship in December 2018. Ships Worldwide. $24

The second ever vinyl release on London label Spun Out Of Control is an album of beautifully cinematic electronica in which layers of buzzing synths weave epic earworm melodies for the listener. Aftermath by Correlations follows up on last year’s cassette release Night Acquisitions, also from Spun Out Of Control, that sold out from the label within days.

Fans of Vangelis’ score for BLADE RUNNER and Disasterpeace’s IT FOLLOWS soundtracks will delight in this new album’s powerfully propulsive electronica. The players on Aftermath read like a veritable who’s who of contemporary synth artists. Led by Correlations’ main man Neil Hale, the album also features the playing of Pablo Clements from Toydrum (PREVENGE soundtrack) plus Simon James of Black Channels. In addition this record has been exclusively mastered for vinyl by Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle).

DISTRIBUTED TITLES Other Worlds Other Monsters LP by Andrew Liles. Released on Blackest Rainbow Records. Pressed on Galaxy Haze vinyl. Limited to 250 copies worldwide. Expected to Ship in December 2018. Ships Worldwide. $20

A further installment in Liles' massive MONSTER series with themes, incidental music, bridging songs, interludes, zaps, zings, shooting stars and fizzing rockets created as imaginary soundtracks for imaginary sci-fi films. The record is filled with musical interpretations on a intergalactic theme influenced by a vast array of space-age TV shows and movies from yesteryear and aliens, androids, interplanetary travel and universes yet to be discovered. The tracks cover a vast amount of ground including austere orchestral pieces, vocoders, cheesy '80s soundtracks, '70s synths, bleeps and bloops and much, much more. Narration comes from Alex Jako and Melon Liles.

DISTRIBUTED TITLESSpace is the Plaice 3XLP by Various Artists. Released by Pussyfoot Records. Expected to Ship in December 2018. Ships Worldwide. $35

Pussyfoot Records is back with one big compilation album. Space is the Plaice is a 28-track aquatic space opera that fits neatly onto triple vinyl. The album artwork by Dan MacMillan and Kieron Livingstone melds together psychedelic prog-rock with space electro-eccentric themes that cover the 3XLP with its tongue-and-cheek Douglas Adams-inspired designs.

Space Is The Plaice features exclusive releases from artists including: Howie B featuring Norman Reedus, Indie legend Luke Haines, DJ Rui Da Silva, Nick Faber and Japanese artists Fantastic Plastic Machine and Chari Chari. Plus TILT, Major Force Productions and Death Waltz Recording Co., artists: Deadly Avenger, Pye Corner Audio and Timothy Fife!

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