Music Weekly: CONTRA Original Video Game Soundtrack

Hey everyone - this week we are proud to present the premiere vinyl release of the soundtrack to one of the greatest video games of all time: CONTRA!

A limited version of the record (pressed on Yellow, Orange & Red vinyl) will be premiering at our San Diego Comic-Con booth (#835), but we wanted to give CONTRA fans the opportunity to pick up the soundtrack online, too. When doors open for Preview Night this Wednesday at 8PM (CT), our Red & Blue version of the record will be available at

Read more about our San Diego Comic-Con releases here.

Contra - Original Video Game Soundtrack LP.
Music by Konami Kukeiha Club. Artwork by Eric Powell. Featuring both NES/FAMICOM and Arcade versions of the soundtrack. Pressed on 180 Gram Red & Blue Half-and-Half Vinyl. $25

Mondo is proud to celebrate the 30th anniversary of CONTRA franchise with the premiere vinyl soundtrack release of the classic shooter that started it all.

The year is 2633 and aliens have taken up base on Earth. It's up to Bill and Lance of the Contra unit to rescue the planet from the possible domination of the evil Red Falcon... It's a simple premise anchored with the intriguing original artwork that inspired allusions to the iconic imagery of '80s action stars. Still, despite its simple origins as a coin-consuming arcade platformer, it took the gaming world by storm when it hit home consoles and single-handedly defined the shooter for years to come.

The music is electrifying. Catchy, rhythmic, and iconic. 'Base Theme' and 'Snowfall' push the envelope of 8-Bit music, creating memorable, looping hooks that never overstay their welcome. CONTRA is a difficult game, and these ear-worms are always there to motivate you through endless deaths and continues.

Featuring both the NES/FAMICOM and the original Arcade version of the soundtracks, on two sides of a 180 Gram vinyl with all new original artwork by Eric Powell. Online version pressed on half-red half-blue vinyl. Our friends who are attending San Diego Comic-Con will be able to purchase a super limited tri-color version pressed on the colors of the iconic Contra 'C' (Yellow, Orange and Red).

On sale Wednesday (7/19) at 8PM (CT):
- Yellow, Orange, Red Vinyl (at San Diego Comic-Con, Booth #835)
- Red/Blue (online at

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