Music Weekly: Deadly Avenger & Si Begg, Pumpkinhead, and Warehouse Finds

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No new releases from Mondo or Death Waltz this week but we're thrilled to highlight a brand new Burning Witches title by DEADLY AVENGER & SI BEGG, the fantastic score to PUMPKINHEAD released by our friends at Note To Note Music, as well as rare warehouse finds from both One Way Static & Strange Disc Recordings.

As always, all new releases and distributed titles go on sale on Wednesdays at Noon CST.



DEADLY AVENGER & SI BEGG: YOKAI (Burning Witches Records) Artwork by Matt Ryan Tobin. 180G Forest green and white colored vinyl. Insert & Download card included. Expected to ship in July 2020. Ships worldwide. $27.

Yōkai (妖怪, ghost, phantom, strange apparition) are a class of supernatural monsters, spirits, and demons in Japanese folklore, and it's the new album from the trailer music composers of HEREDITARY, MIDSOMMAR, PARASITE, IT, and PET SEMETARY.

Inspired by the cutting edge scores of some of the most recent elevated horror films – compositions such as Mark Korven’s THE WITCH, Cristobal Tapia De Veers mesmerizing THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS, and the detailed electronics of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Deadly Avenger and SI Begg created YOKAI with their extensive combined library of sounds, textures, and bespoke organic, electro-acoustic instruments.

YOKAI is dripping with supernatural demonic horror at every pore. All fourteen tracks of the new album are named after a unique Yōkai. Pushing the horror tropes aside, the duo has elevated the somewhat derivative world of trailer music into a haunting folk-insisted soundscape that will upend how elevated horror music should be heard.


PUMPKINHEAD: ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SCORE (Note For Note Music). Limited to 300 units. Pressed on Translucent Pumpkin Orange vinyl. Ships worldwide. $15

A dark fairy tale of revenge and redemption, PUMPKINHEAD was initially released in 1988 by United Artists and was the directorial debut for Stan Winston, creature maker and special effects master extraordinaire. It stars Lance Henriksen, John D’Aquino, and Kerry Remsen. The score by Richard Stone, who many called the heir to Carl Stalling, is melodic and authentic, a mix of acoustic instruments and country rhythms. The world lost a real talent when Stone passed away in 2001 at the very young age of 47.



Warehouse find! From our friends at One Way Static. Here we present to you some of Glass' best work: the eerie minimalistic soundtrack to Clive Barker’s ‘CANDYMAN’. This release is available as a color vinyl variant (Yellow/Black Swirl Vinyl) that was limited to 400 copies and also comes with an insert containing exclusive and extensive liner notes by author Clive Barker, composer Philip Glass, director Bernard Rose and actors Tony Todd, Ted Raimi & Xander Berkeley.


Warehouse find! Strange Disc Records released this exceptional soundtrack back in 2014 and it sold out in a matter of weeks. Due to ever-increasing popular demand over the years, they did a brand-new limited vinyl pressing, limited to 200 copies, and we found a few of them lying around.

FREDDY’S GREATEST HITS by The Elm Street Group

Warehouse find! From our friends at Strange Disc. Due to overwhelming demand Strange Disc Records offered a one-off limited re-press on green & red swirl vinyl. The record was originally released in 1987 at the height of the ‘Freddy’ craze (Freddy already had three movies under his belt, and a fourth on the way. Even by then, he was a veritable pop icon; as Americana as hot dogs). This record contains nine tracks, a mix of covers (from the likes of Wilson Pickett, The Everly Brothers & Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs) and original songs and instrumentals. 

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