Music Weekly: EXODE by Le Matos + New Hunter Complex

Hey everyone! This week we are thrilled to bring you the return of our friends in French-Canadian electronic band LE MATOS, with their beautiful and haunting score for EXODE.

EXODE was a French Canadian sci-fi web series, and Le Matos are immediately recognizable as responsible for the music. Their trademark synth-scapes and techno influences make this LP another fantastic record from the Montreal duo. Also, due to popular demand, we are doing a final re-press of their debut LP, Join Us, in an edition of 200. Don't miss out!

We're also thrilled to have the new HUNTER COMPLEX LP from our friends at Burning Witches Records as a distributed title – we're the only retailer in the United States with this record.

Finally, we're also thrilled to bring you the latest episode of the official Mondo Podcast. This week Spencer & Mo from our music department are joined by Creative Directors Eric Garza (Posters), and Allie Whalen (Apparel and Pins) for a chat about what’s keeping them sane during the lockdown. Listen and subscribe now on SoundCloud.

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EXODE Original Soundtrack by LE MATOS. Artwork concept & design by Tiago Marinho. Pressed on 180 Gram Gold Vinyl. Strictly limited to 400 copies. Expected to Ship in June 2020. $25

Jesse Malcolm Sweet’s haunting sci-fi web series EXODE tells the story of celestial cartographer David, who is trying to save his family from death on a malfunctioning spaceship. His only help comes from a wise AI named Leo. Montreal-based Le Matos (TURBO KID, JOIN US) provides a richly textured electronic score that is key to the story, deftly cultivating feelings of wistfulness, loneliness, and mortality up against the unapologetic indifference of outer space. 

EXODE's kinetic title theme is classic Le Matos sent into space — a majestically tempered track with a driving rhythm section and searingly dreamy synthesizers. The end credits theme alters that, nimbly blending in the sense of foreboding.

The remaining tracks find Le Matos tapping into the range of introspection and terror David feels as he tries desperately to reconnect with his family. Tender melodies morph into weary synth pads, pulsating arps, crystalline synth dreams, dissonant sonic expressions, and chest-thumping percussion. After a successful collaboration on the SUMMER OF 84 soundtrack, the exquisite Computer Magic rejoins Le Matos for the wistful slow-burner “The Sounds of Nora.” It all makes for an extraordinary adventure.

If you think about it, David isn’t alone with just Leo. He has Le Matos’ skillfully composed and evocative electronic soundtrack, which won the 2017 Melbourne Web Fest jury prize for Best Original Score. This is a companion that would make us all feel more comfortable tackling the beauty and terror of our own daily lives. 

— Aaron Vehling,



JOIN US by LE MATOS. 2X 180 Gram silver vinyl. Limited to 200 copies. Expected to ship in June 2020. $35

Final reissue of the debut LP by Le Matos. Originally self-released in 2013, and now a highly sort after by record collectors all over the world. Le Matos produce '80s influenced dance floor electronica with nods to Daft Punk and Ed Banger. An absolutely essential reissue.


HUNTER COMPLEX - DEAD CALM & ZERO DEGREES. 180 Fram Clear vinyl, cut at Abbey Road Studios. Includes insert print and download card inside heavyweight sleeve. Art by KidEthic. Expected to ship worldwide May 2020. $27

Dead Calm and Zero Degrees is the fourth Hunter Complex album to date and the twin record to Open Sea, which was released in January 2019 on Death Waltz Originals. The tracks on Dead Calm and Zero Degrees share the same DNA because they originated around the same time and are thematically linked to the tracks on Open Sea. Closing track "Star Crash" ends with the melody and rain of "Night City", the opening track of Open Sea. 


TURBO KID by LE MATOS. A contemporary classic from the depths of genre cinema with Le Matos’ score to the acclaimed science fiction film. $35


SUMMER OF 84 by LE MATOS. An essential score for fans of synth soundtracks. Featuring artwork by Sam Turner. $35

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