Music Weekly: EYES WIDE SHUT 2xLP and New Slip Mat by Alan Hynes

No dream is ever just a dream.

This week, we're absolutely thrilled to bring you the first-ever vinyl edition of Stanley Kubrick's EYE WIDE SHUT, fully approved by Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and the Kubrick Estate. Designed by certified genius Alan Hynes, the packaging has to be seen to be believed, split across two 180g colored vinyl records and mastered exclusively for vinyl.

We'll also be releasing a brand new slip mat by Alan Hynes, which is a call-out to our test pressing sleeve design as well as a powerful work of art on its own.

As always, all new record releases go on sale Wednesdays at Noon CST, available here.


EYES WIDE SHUT - Music From The Motion Picture 2xLP

Starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Stanley Kubrick's final film is an incredibly dense and highly stylized psychological thriller.

As is typical of a Kubrick score, it features previously existing tracks and classical pieces, but also contains four original pieces recorded especially for the film by composer Jocelyn Pook. These pieces are the centerpiece of the film and are incredibly unsettling and experimental, perfectly complementing the disturbing and ominous visuals.

Artwork was created by Alan Hynes and fully approved by the Kubrick Estate, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The package is as dark and mysterious as the film itself: two beautiful printed inner sleeves are housed inside a bespoke die cut jacket printed by Stoughton Press. See this amazing release in the flesh in an exclusive video HERE.

EYES WIDE SHUT - Music From The Motion Picture 2xLP. Music by George Ligeti, Dmitri Shostakovich, Chris Isaak, The Victor Silvester Orchestra, The Oscar Peterson Trio, Jocelyn Pook, Roy Gerson, Peter Luges Orchestra, Brad Mehldau and Franz Liszt. Artwork by Alan Hynes. Pressed on 2x180g vinyl and housed inside a bespoke die-cut sleeve with obi strip. Expected to ship January 2021. Ships Worldwide. Strictly 2 per person. $40.


2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2xLP. Artwork by Matthew Woodson. Die-cut gatefold jacket. Available on 180 Gram colored vinyl or 180 Gram black vinyl. Ships in 3 - 5 business days. Ships worldwide. $40.


MDWPVCCS Turntable Slip Mat by Alan Hynes

Longtime Mondo / Death Waltz collectors would be familiar with our house-stock jacket for Test Pressings. Those sleeves are a bit rare and hard to come by, but we love them so much because of the incredible detail that designer Alan Hynes put into them. So we came up with an all new Slip-Mat that incorporates some of our favorite little details. Printed on both sides.

"I was tasked to come up with a sleeve design to house all the homeless records Mondo and Death Waltz accumulate; stuff like test pressings, returned items or records with damaged sleeves etc. As inspiration for a fun design, I decided to treat the vinyl record itself — made of PVC — as a hazardous material and designed a Containment Unit to house it: the official Mondo / Death Waltz PolyVinyl Chloride Contamination Shield. 

The MDWPVCCS is a companion piece to that packaging and will protect your turntable from contamination through direct contact with those nasty PolyVinyl Chloride discs. The design includes a lot of technical info on vinyl production; graphs, charts, molecular mass, magnetic susceptibility and a whole lot of other stuff that I don't understand. Also comes with a handy first aid chart should ingestion occur*. 

*Do not eat, drink or smoke vinyl." - Alan Hynes

MDWPVCCS Turntable Slip Mat. Artwork by Alan Hynes. Dye-Sublimated Felt. Ships in 3 - 5 business days. Ships worldwide. $14.

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