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Music Weekly: HER Original Score LP by Arcade Fire & Owen Pallett plus New Distro Titles

This week, we are so honored to have an exclusive color pressing of Arcade Fire and Owen Pallett's unreleased score to HER, as well as an exclusive pressing of the soundtrack to PROMARE, both thanks to our friends at Milan Records.

We also have a few new distributed titles: The soundtrack to 12 HOUR SHIFT from our friends at Burning Witches Records, an exclusive 3xLP set of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES from our friends at Terror Vision, as well as the brand new release from Spun Out Of Control by PROTO DROIDS.

As always, all new releases go on sale here Wednesdays at Noon CST.


HER - Original Score LP (Milan Records)

HER is a science fiction romance film directed by Spike Jonze. In the not-so-distant future, lonely writer Theodore purchases a newly developed operating system designed to meet the user's every need. To Theodore's surprise, a romantic relationship blossoms between him and the software. Technology and love blend in an unexpected tale that explores the nature of emotion, and the ways that technology isolates — and connects — us all. HER was a striking success and was nominated for five Oscars, including Best Picture.

The original score to HER was composed by the band Arcade Fire with additional music provided by Owen Pallett. Their score is a constant companion to Theodore and runs as a delicate, airy thread through the film. Though critically lauded and nominated for Best Original Score, HER has been unreleased until now. The HER Original Score release features 13 tracks from Arcade Fire and Owen Pallett mastered specifically for the vinyl format, including the delightful track "Supersymmetry." This release is pressed on red marble vinyl and housed in an inner sleeve within a single pocket jacket.

HER Original Score LP. Music by Arcade Fire with Owen Pallett. Released by Milan Records. Pressed on Mondo Exclusive Red Marble Vinyl. Expected to ship in April 2021. Ships worldwide. $25.

Due to demand, this item will is limited to one per customer / household / etc.

PROMARE - Original Soundtrack 2XLP (Milan Records)

The music to PROMARE was composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, a veteran composer of such anime releases as ATTACK ON TITAN and KILL LA KILL. Here, he's once again delivered a vibrant musical tapestry alive with both rocking personality and dramatic orchestral compositions that demand repeat listening.

The release features the music of PROMARE pressed on a pair of color vinyl discs housed in a gatefold jacket, with a credit insert also included. This Mondo exclusive is limited to 500 copies and pressed on 2x Tri-Colored vinyl.

PROMARE Original Soundtrack 2XLP. Music by Hiroyuki Sawano. Pressed on Mondo Exclusive 2x Tri-Colored Vinyl. Limited to 500 Copies. Expected to ship in March 2021. Ships worldwide. $32.

Due to demand, this item will is limited to one per customer / household / etc.


12 HOUR SHIFT - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (Burning Witches Records)

12 HOUR SHIFT is a 2020 American black comedy / horror / thriller film written and directed by Brea Grant, starring Angela Bettis, Kit Williamson and David Arquette. Bettis plays Mandy, a drug-addicted nurse involved in a black market organ-trading scheme.

Matt Glass has done an exceptional job creating a unique score for this much-applauded thriller. Live drums juxtapose with opera, orchestra and electronics to make a grand statement that this movie and score are never what they first seem.


12 HOUR SHIFT Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Composed by Matt Glass. Artwork by Ben Turner. Released by Burning Witches Records. Limited edition Scrubs Green Vinyl with download card and print with liner notes by Matt Glass and Brea Grant. Ships in 3 - 5 business days. Available worldwide. $33.

PROTO DROIDS - Cybernetic World LP (Spun Out Of Control)

New LP by Neil (Correlations / The Relations) Hale under the moniker Proto Droids. Expect a fresh take on '80s electro mixed with the hottest Italo disco. In summary: synth bangers from beginning to end! These robots dance so hard, sometimes they short circuit!

PROTO DROIDS - Cybernetic World LP. Artwork by Eric Adrian Lee. Released by Spun Out of Control. Limited edition, hand-numbered vinyl release split between two different colored variants: Green and Black, mirroring the cover, or Multi-Colored Splatter. Ships in 3 - 5 business days. Available worldwide. $25.

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES - Ghosts / Hauntings / The Unexplained Limited 3xLP Version (Terror Vision Records)

This triple LP version of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Volume One features five classic Unsolved Mysteries opening / closing titles songs, plus 120 (!!) ghost-related cues, and also the long lost missing / wanted music.

This release includes EVERY single cue written for the ghost episodes from 1988 - 2002 as a triple LP colored vinyl set in a custom gatefold jacket. The audio was pulled from the original master tapes by Ryan Graveface in 2018, and includes liner notes from both the composer and creator. This presentation is unparalleled, proving once again that Terror Vision are masters of their game. It's also incredibly limited. Do not sleep.

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES - Ghosts / Hauntings / The Unexplained Limited 3xLP Version. Composed by Gary Malkin. Released by Terror Vision Records. Splatter vinyl exclusive. Ships in 3 - 5 business days. Available worldwide. $48.

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