Music Weekly: New Distributed Titles!

Hello all! This week we are proud to present a few distributed titles for you, from our friends at Milan Records, BacktotheFudda, and Figureight. We've got the soundtrack to the incredible new Gaspar Noé film CLIMAX, Goblin’s new re-imagining of SUSPIRIA and DAWN OF THE DEAD titled FEARLESS (which is a Mondo Exclusive), and Randall Dunn (producer of MANDY) and Sunn0)))'s first solo LP entitled BELOVED.

As usual, new releases go on sale on Wednesdays at NOON (CT) via


CLIMAX - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP.
Distributed by Milan Records. Pressed on 2X Black vinyl. Expected to Ship in April 2019. Ships Worldwide. $30

If you saw CLIMAX you know how incredible this soundtrack is, if you didn’t seek it out now! CLIMAX centers around 20 young dancers who gather in a dank rehearsal space for a series of enthralling dance sequences set to throbbing '90s electronic dance music and photographed in a single hypnotic head-on shot. But an inferno is near when somebody spikes the sangria the dancers are drinking with LSD. Never leaving the rehearsal space, the minds of the performers begin to unspool thanks to the hallucinogens. The dancer’s music is at the center of CLIMAX; it pulses and pounds relentlessly, never stopping or pulling up. This unique soundtrack features an exciting line up with classic tunes by Ceronne, Neon, Gary Numan, Giorgio Moroder, Aphex Twin and many more! The soundtrack also includes the original tracks “Sangria” and “What To Do” by Thomas Bangalter. Pressed on double black vinyl.

by Goblin. Mondo Exclusive. Pressed on Green vinyl. Limited to 350 copies. Expected to Ship in April 2019. Ships Worldwide. $35

The four original members of GOBLIN re-imagine tracks from SUSPIRIA and DAWN OF THE DEAD to stunning effect, managing to retain the essence of the original tracks yet instilling them with a modern twist. It's absolutely brilliant. This edition is pressed on green vinyl and exclusive to Mondo in the US with only 350 copies pressed.

by Randall Dunn. Distributed by Figureight. Pressed on Black vinyl. Expected to Ship in April 2019. Ships Worldwide. $25

If you loved the MANDY soundtrack then definitely check this out as Randall Dunn co-produced MANDY and this sounds like a sister record to that soundtrack. This record is deep, dark and absolutely incredible. With BELOVED, Dunn shifts his knack for emphasizing the human component of music toward mining emotional resonance from the subtle details and textures generated from early digital and analog synthesizers. “I wanted to make something more like prose or a Gerhard Richter painting with sound,” Dunn says of the album. “Being someone that composes with sound, I wanted to find a voice in it that felt personal, that felt human, especially with electronics, something that didn’t feel too mechanical.”

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