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Music Weekly: NIGHTMARE CITY, Distro Releases and More

Hey all -

New from Death Waltz Recording Co this week, we have an expanded 2xLP version of the classic Italian Zombie film NIGHTMARE CITY, in conjunction with Cinevox Records and A.M.S. This is the first time Stelvio Cipriani's score been available for 41 years (!) and features not only the classic theme song by Grace Jones (!!) but a hefty 18 bonus tracks never before available on wax. The package is rounded out with incredible new art from Sister Hyde, who knocked it out of the park on this one.

We also have some great distributed titles this week, including an exclusive colorway of H.P. LOVECRAFT'S THE FESTIVAL from Cadabra Records and restocks of THE BLACK CAT and PICTURE IN THE HOUSE, plus copies of THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD from Real Gone Music, and THE RED DEVIL from Omega Productions.

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Death Waltz Recording Company & Mondo are proud to present the mind-melting score to Umberto Lenzi's 1980 contaminated zombie(?) film, Incubo Sulla Citta Contaminata (a.k.a. Nightmare City)! Composed and conducted by Stelvio Cipriani, the record you are holding in your hands is another stellar work by the late Italian maestro. Pursued by the most ambitious, well-armed, and over/radioactive mutant zombies on film, the film's protagonist, American news reporter Dean Miller (portrayed by Mexploitation star Hugo Stiglitz) makes it his mission to alert the public about the impending doom, but the powers that be are preventing him from doing so.

"Utilizing driving baselines, drums, percussion, and topped with a layer of intense keys, Cipriani delivers the perfect score to complement the mayhem unfolding on screen. Will our hero save humanity? Well, with maestro Cipriani at the helm, it doesn't matter; the soundtrack is quite radiating." — Alfonso Carrillo, RENDEZVOUS LA

NIGHTMARE CITY aka INCUBO SULLA CITTA CONTAMINATA Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2xLP. Music by Stelvio Cipriani. Artwork by Sister Hyde. Available on 2x 140g Contamination Green Vinyl. Expected to ship in April 2021. Ships worldwide. $35. 


H.P. LOVECRAFT'S THE FESTIVAL LP. Read by Andrew Leman, score by Fabio Frizzi. Mondo exclusive Green Vinyl. Released by Cadabra Records.

While one might think that there is nothing less conducive to the yuletide spirit than a melding of writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft and the renowned horror composer Fabio Frizzi, the combination might surprise the listener of "The Festival" at first. Frizzi's score encompasses nearly every tool in the composer's considerable arsenal, utilizing synthesizers, piano, violin, and even flute, along with a full orchestra, to create a musical backdrop to a story that takes the only too-common Christmastime themes of coming together to engage in family traditions, and renders it a damp and peculiarly odorous tale, viscous and fetid in the telling.

Andrew Leman's narration and recitation of this nameless narrator's words begin just as bright and spritely as the music that accompanies his voice, but as the music changes, so does the telling which it accompanies. 

H.P. LOVECRAFT'S THE FESTIVAL LP. Read by Andrew Leman. Score by Fabio Frizzi. Artwork by Jesse Jacobi. 150g Green Vinyl. Limited to 100 copies. Mondo Exclusive. Ships in 3 to 5 business days. Ships worldwide. $34.

Other restocks from Cadabra this week include PICTURE IN THE HOUSE and THE BLACK CAT.

THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Released by Real Gone Music.

There are zombies and then there are brain-eating zombies! And THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD was the film where brain-eating zombies got their first lease on, er, life? Co-written by John Russo, who was George Romero's writing partner on Night of the Living Dead, this 1985 quasi-sequel introduced more "splatstick" humour to the horror formula as well as the memorable image of ghouls groaning "Braainsss" as they shuffle along. All set to a killer score featuring the most excellent punk and death rock bands of the era, including The Cramps, 45 Grave, The Flesh Eaters, The Damned, Roky Erickson, The Jet Black Berries, T.S.O.L. and S.S.Q. Braainsss!

THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Various Artists. Artwork by Brian Ayuso. Ships in 3 to 5 business days. Ships worldwide. $25.

THE RED DEVIL - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Released by Omega Productions.

Omega Productions Records is proud to present, for the first time on vinyl, Pierre B. Reinhard's THE RED DEVIL (1988) original motion picture soundtrack composed by Christian Bonneau, a.k.a. also known as Christopher Ried. Directed in 1987 by Pierre B. Reinhard (The Revenge of the Living Dead Girls), THE RED DEVIL is a naughty satire starring Brigitte Lahaie, Roger Carel and Pierre Doris inside a happy French brothel during WWII. The soundtrack composed by Christian Bonneau — son of conductor / composer Paul Bonneau — accompanies the various sketches of the brothel, mixing eroticism and music hall, thus offering a wide variety of musical styles (orchestral music in the style of the K.P.M. series, bawdy songs, military marches, etc...)

THE RED DEVIL Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Music by Christian Bonneau. 150g Black Vinyl. Limited to 300 copies. Ships in 3 to 5 business days. Ships worldwide. $34.

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