Music Weekly: Our 10th Anniversary + Free Vinyl Shipping Over $100
No new releases from Mondo or Death Waltz this week, but as we approach the first of September we did want to take a trip down memory lane. Did you know that the very first Mondo vinyl release (Maniac, soundtrack by Jay Chattaway with Artwork by Ken Taylor) made its debut at Fantastic Fest in September ten years ago?
TEN WHOLE YEARS! I don’t think any of us felt that, when our fledgeling first releases from Mondo and Death Waltz were released, we’d still be here a decade later celebrating this milestone. It’s been a fantastic journey for us and one we are super proud of, we couldn’t have done it without your support. We are super pleased to be part of this soundtrack community and the broader vinyl resurgence that has happened in the last decade. 

With that in mind, we decided that it’s time to, in-earnest, kick off a proper Tenth-Anniversary Celebration! Starting next Wednesday, we will begin a 10-week long campaign of non-stop, all-new Mondo and Death Waltz releases (over 15 just from our labels alone). From celebrated classics to hit TV shows, from AAA Videogame titles to animated masterpieces, we’ve got also got multiple soundtracks to highly anticipated new films hitting cinemas this fall ... and even a classic soundtrack that is over 80 years old! All absolute bangers.
On top of that, we’ll be giving away some out-of-print records across our social channels that we dug out from the archive, so make sure you are following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, so you don’t miss out. 
That’s not all: for the next 10 weeks, we will be offering FREE domestic shipping on all vinyl orders over $100 (starting right now)!
But before this celebration starts, we are restocking the shop with some warehouse finds, as well as some tremendous new distributed releases from our friends at Library of the Occult, Enjoy the Ride, Milan Records, and Jazz Is Dead. All are worthy of your time (and ears). It’s a joy to highlight other labels and artists in our newsletters, and we are incredibly proud and honored to be able to do so!
As always, thank you for the love and support,
Spencer, Mo, Shannon and the whole Mondo family.


LEGEND OF LIZARD LAKE - LP (Library of the Occult)
LEGEND OF LIZARD LAKE - LP. Music by Dream Division.  Released by Library of the Occult. Limited Edition Lizard Scale Vinyl. $30

THE DEVIL RIDES OUT - LP (Library of the Occult)

THE DEVIL RIDES OUT - LP. Music by Dream Division. Artwork by Carlile Torres-Aponte.  Released by Library of the Occult. Limited Edition Village Green Marble Vinyl. $30

SOMETHING REAL - LP (Enjoy the Ride Records)

SOMETHING REAL - LP. Music by Meg & Dia.  Released by Enjoy the Ride Records. Golden Nugget Vinyl. $25

WITCHCRAFT MURDERS - LP (Library of the Occult)

WITCHCRAFT MURDERS - LP. Music by The Heartwood Institue. Released by Library of the Occult. Limited Edition, Blue Marbled Vinyl. $30


MINARI - ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK LP. Music by Emile Mosseri. Released by Milan Records. Black Vinyl. $25


THE AMERICAN NEGRO - LP. Music by Adrian Younge. Released by Jazz is Dead. Artwork by Julian Montague. Black Vinyl. $42

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