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Music Weekly: Distro. Titles including Studio Ghibli Represses

Hello all! This week we are filling the store with a bunch of new, amazing titles from our friends' labels - Burning Witches Records (HARGLOW), Enjoy The Ride (BEVERLY HILLS COP), Ship To Shore Phono Co., (GRADIUS) and Terrorvision (TWO THOUSAND MANIACS).

Plus we'll have some crucial re-presses from Studio Ghibli Records - the original soundtracks to CASTLE IN THE SKY (LAPUTA), NAUSICAÄ OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND, and MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO.

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We are proud to be carrying nine re-issues of original soundtrack albums composed by Joe Hisaishi, including three versions of each soundtrack for CASTLE IN THE SKY (soundtrack, symphony version, and image album) NAUSICAÄ OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND (soundtrack, symphony version, and image album) and MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO (soundtrack, image album, and sound book) all featuring unique track listings. All titles are expected to ship in 1 - 2 Business Days. All titles ship worldwide.

DISTRIBUTED TITLESBEVERLY HILLS COP - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Music by Harold Faltermeyer. Pressed on Banana Swirl colored vinyl. Expected to Ship in 1 - 2 Business Days. Ships Worldwide. $25

Enjoy the Ride Records, in conjunction with Paramount Pictures, is proud to present the score to BEVERLY HILLS COP, available for the first time on vinyl. Composed by Grammy Award-winner Harold Faltermeyer (TOP GUN, FLETCH, MIDNIGHT EXPRESS), the '80s synth-pop sound is nostalgic and iconic. The protege of musical mastermind Giorgio Moroder got to show the world what he could do with this infectious compositions and fan favorite, "Axel F," which is strewn throughout various tracks of the score. Fun fact: Faltermeyer refers to Axel F as the "banana theme," as it was originally written for the scene where Axel Foley gives a pair of Beverly Hills police officers the slip by shoving bananas up their exhaust pipe, causing their car to stall when they try and tail him.

HARGLOW - HARGLOW LPHarglow the debut album will be released on limited-edition split color vinyl (Pink/Black). Includes download card and 12X12 art print. All artwork by Ben Turner. Limited to 300 copies. Expected to Ship in 1 - 2 Business Days. Ships Worldwide. $27

The songs contained on this record were originally discovered on two 1/4” tape reels with a single word written on them: "Harglow." These tapes were initially discovered during the estate liquidation of an affluent, yet eccentric gentleman believed to be highly involved in the occult.

Based on additional material found along with the tapes, the sounds collected on this record appear to have been used as a soundtrack for the man's grotesque rituals; the original musicians are unknown. Notebooks and additional articles were also found that could point to connections to a larger occult involvement. This has yet to be confirmed.

BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE - Original Motion Picture Score LP.
Pressed on 140 Gram "Circuits of Time" color-in-color vinyl and is housed in an upgraded 400gsm jacket. Also included is a 24"x12" 'Circuits of Time' themed insert, which includes liner notes and stills from the film. Expected to Ship in 1 -2 Business Days. Ships Worldwide. $25

Enjoy the Ride Records and Enjoy the Toons Records are happy to announce the first ever vinyl release for the 1989 cult-classic sci-fi comedy BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, starring Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter and the late George Carlin. Composed and conducted by world-renowned composer and Academy Award Nominee David Newman (ICE AGE, THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, THE FLINSTONES, JINGLE ALL THE WAY), the score to BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE will bring you back to the Circle K, where strange things are afoot.

GRADIUS - Original Video Game Soundtrack LP. Music by Konami Kukeiha Club. Pressed on Clear vinyl. Expected to Ship in 1 - 2 Business Days. Ships Worldwide. $22

Ship to Shore PhonoCo., is proud to present the soundtrack to Konami's immortal 1985 shoot-'em-up - GRADIUS. Spanning a multitude of sequels, spin-offs and everything in between, GRADIUS remains one of the crown jewels in the Konami library. This soundtrack introduced multiple themes that would become not only repeated throughout the series, but undisputed classics in the realm of shoot-'em-up tunes.

Included on this record is both the 1986 Famicom/NES soundtrack on Side A and the 1989 enhanced MSX port on Side B. The album also comes with a double-sided insert with one side featuring original GRADIUS artwork from the Konami archive and the other side featuring liner notes from Retronauts' Jeremy Parish.

SNATCHER - Original Video Game Soundtrack 2XLP. Music by Konami Kukeiha Club. Pressed on Blue Vinyl. Expected to Ship in 1 -2 Business Days. Ships Worldwide. $35

Ship to Shore PhonoCo., is proud to continue its relationship with Konami Digital Entertainment with the first ever official release of the SNATCHER soundtrack. Originally released for the PC-8801 in Japan, SNATCHER was later localized into English and ported to the ill-fated Sega CD. Over the years, the game (and its music) have developed an indelible cult following that persists to this day!

Each album includes a heavyweight gatefold jacket and two doubled-sided inserts with original artwork unearthed from the Konami vault.

TWO THOUSAND MANIACS - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP.
Composed by Herschell Gordon Lewis. Pressed on Black with Red Splatter vinyl. Expected to Ship in November 2018. Ships Worldwide. $27

This is the first time the complete score has been available on any format (there was a rad Rhino release in '84 that had about half the cues). Featuring liner notes by Herschell Gordon Lewis, stoughton gatefold packaging, full color inner sleeve, DL code plus two bonus songs including TerrorVision's recording of HG Lewis a few months before he passed away. Last but not least, you’ll receive a DL code featuring everything on the LP and some bonus stuff.

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