Hi Everyone, this week we are thrilled to bring you the original soundtrack to THE LODGE on Death Waltz Recording Co. One of the best horror films we saw on the festival circuit last year is finally getting a wide release thanks to our friends at NEON, we are also super pumped to bring you a digital release of COME TO DADDY (An expanded vinyl release will follow later this month including the score by Karl Steven as well as an entire side of killer needle drops from the film not available on streaming!).

COME TO DADDY stars Elijah Wood and is the directorial debut from Ant Timpson (noted producer of DEATHGASM, TURBO KID & THE GREASY STRANGLER). It’s incredibly smart, funny and filled with enough gore to keep the most jaded horehound interested. It was a huge hit on the festival circuit last year and is in theaters and on-demand now courtesy of our friends at SABAN. We can’t recommend this film enough.

If you loved HEREDITARY, then THE LODGE is a film you have to check out. It’s a psychological family drama with impressive horror elements and a creepy vibe throughout that not only keeps you guessing but delivers tons of chills. The score is by Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans (THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE & THE OUTSIDER) and cements them as two of the most unique composers working today.

Check out our latest video unboxing of THE LODGE, to see this record in its full glory.

Last but not least we have a new distributed title by our friends at Milan, the soundtrack to the 2004 cult-classic game VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE - BLOODLINES.

As usual, new releases go on sale on Wednesdays at NOON (CT) via


THE LODGE - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Original score by Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans. Pressed on 180 Gram Bloody Snow colored vinyl. Housed inside a screen printed poly-sleeve. Limited to 300 copies. NOTE: This item Ships in March 2020. Ships Worldwide. $30

It's difficult being a stepmother at any time, so it's going to be super-hard when your predecessor commits suicide and your partner has to be somewhere else, leaving the two whippersnappers behind for you to look after. This is what happens to Grace (Riley Keough, HOLD THE DARK) in THE LODGE, the unsettling film from Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala (GOODNIGHT MOMMY). Scoring Grace's ordeal is Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans, who previously brought screaming sonic landscapes to THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE and THE GIFT. With THE LODGE, they present a soundtrack that is often sparse and minimalist, but no less disturbing for that.

"Beginning with a distant droning that sounds unsettlingly close to ghostly whalesong, the score doesn't find the need to launch itself at you with all its fury; instead, it wants you to know how patient it is. That it'll wait. Bensi and Jurriaans slowly layer the textures, inviting metallic tones that sound like tools and wooden percussion over murky string melodies, the closest they want to get to whatever normal is. Low child choral voices, idiosyncratic and buzzing violins, all of these push to increase the claustrophobia, so that when the vibrations flit from channel to channel as they get closer and closer, you're not even sure what's terrifying you anymore. All you know is that it's in THE LODGE. With you." - Charlie Brigden, Film music critic,

Our webstore exclusive is pressed on 180 Gram Bloody Snow colored vinyl, housed inside a screenprinted poly-sleeve, strictly limited to 300 copies only. (Retail variant coming soon)

COME TO DADDY - ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK. Original score by Karl Steven. Artwork by Gary Pullin. Streaming now.

Currently available on all streaming platforms COME TO DADDY’s score by Karl Steven is super impressive from the start, it delivers plenty of atmosphere and touches on trip Hop, '80s synth scores, '70s Giallo and traditional orchestral scores, it fuses organic instruments with synthetic keys and funky hypnotic bass. An expanded vinyl version will follow in March but for now, enjoy this great score through your favourite digital platform.


VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE - BLOODLINES- Original Soundtrack 2XLP. Distributed by Milan. Music by Rik Schaffer. Featuring 17 Cues from the game. Pressed on Transparent Red and Black Smoke vinyl. Expected to Ship in 7-10 Business Days. Ships Worldwide. $32

VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE - BLOODLINES is the 2004 cult-classic role playing game from Troika Games. Based on the White Wolf tabletop roleplaying game VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE, BLOODLINES follows a character who is killed and subsequently revived as a fledgling vampire. The game depicts the fledgling’s journey through early 21st century Los Angeles as they navigate the grimy underworld of vampire politics in the City of Angels. In the ensuing years since BLOODLINES released, it has been embraced for its world-class writing, narrative design and production, and is considered one of the greatest roleplaying games of all time. A sequel is scheduled for release by Paradox Interactive in early 2020.

The score to VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE - BLOODLINES was composed by Rik Schaffer (Elder Scrolls Online). A masterpiece of gaming composition, Schaffer’s sinister score perfectly invokes the atmosphere of a darkly imagined early 2000s Los Angeles where paranormal danger lurks down every alley and behind every door. Fifteen years after the game’s original debut, Milan Records is honored to be releasing the score to VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE - BLOODLINES for the first time, featuring audio completely remastered by Schaffer for this release. The music to BLOODLINES has never sounded better.


THE WIND - Original Motion Picture Score LP. Music by Ben Lovett. Artwork by Candice Tripp. Pressed on 180 Gram "Desolate Demon" Vinyl. Gatefold sleeve with insert. Numbered edition of 666. Expected to Ship in 7-10 Business Days. Ships Worldwide. $30

THELMA - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Music by Ola Fløttum. Artwork by Candice Tripp. Pressed on 180 Gram White and Grey vinyl. Expected to Ship in 7-10 Business Days. Ships Worldwide. $25

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