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Music Weekly: THE RITUAL LP & UPGRADE LP Soundtracks!

Hello all! This week are thrilled to bring you two titles from Death Waltz Recording Co.: THE RITUAL, released with Lakeshore Records, and UPGRADE, in conjunction with Back Lot Music.

We love that we can bring you scores to recently released movies, and both of these films rank highly in our favorites from the last couple of years. THE RITUAL is soon to be a future folk-horror classic, and Ben Lovett’s score is filled with woodwind, brass, synths and is spooky as all hell. Jed palmer’s score to UPGRADE is a dystopian industrial sci-fi masterpiece that is really going to test your speakers with its low end rumble.

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THE RITUAL - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Composed by Ben Lovett. Artwork by John Bergin. Pressed on 180 Gram colored vinyl (Green and Brown Swirl). Housed inside a 425 gsm gatefold jacket, with obi. Limited to 500 copies. Expected to Ship November 2018. Ships to US Addresses Only. $30

Death Waltz Recording Co., is proud to bring you the score to THE RITUAL in association with Lakeshore Records. THE RITUAL is part of the new wave of folk-horror films like THE WITCH. The film begins as four friends travel to Sweden to go camping and pay tribute to a fallen friend. As they venture deeper into the woods they discover strange symbols etched into trees - a gutted elk and an empty cabin filled with ritualistic artifacts. Someone (or something) is in the woods watching over their every move and a quiet creeping dread begins to descend on the party, eventually giving way to an all out attack on the senses as the film races toward its inevitable climax.

Ben Lovett’s score, featuring woodwind, strings and the occasional synth, captures the mood of the forest perfectly. It is both tribal and haunting. The score runs a range of emotions; one minute it is reflective and relaxed the next sinister and terrifying. Absolutely essential stuff from one of the most exciting composers working today.

UPGRADE - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Composed by Jed Palmer. Artwork by Viktor Kalvachev. Pressed on 180 Gram 'Stem' colored vinyl (Transparent Blue with solid Red color-in-color effect). Housed inside a 425 gsm gatefold jacket with obi. Expected to Ship November 2018. Ships Worldwide. $30

Leigh Whannell’s UPGRADE is an incredibly fun and inventive sci-fi action thriller and one of our favorite films in 2018. Jed Palmer’s incredible score manages to be be moody, intricate, beautiful and brutal all at the same time. Its quieter moments feature echoes of BLADE RUNNER and TANGERINE DREAM and it is as comfortable being melancholic as it is being punishing and industrial in its more action-orientated cues. This is a stone cold classic of 2018.


SYNCHRONICITY - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP.

Death Waltz Recording Co., in collaboration with Lakeshore Records, is excited to bring you what is likely to be a future classic in the form of Ben Lovett’s sophisticated electronic score to the science-fiction thriller. Pressed on 180 Gram 'Into The Void ' colored vinyl (transparent blue with solid black color-in-color effect). Housed inside a 425 gsm gatefold jacket, with obi and insert featuring liner notes by director Jacob Gentry. $25

HALLOWEEN: 40th Anniversary Edition - Original Soundtrack LP.

This 40th anniversary release of the original HALLOWEEN music composed and performed by John Carpenter in 1978 presents the original HALLOWEEN film score as it was mixed within the film. The audio is taken from the "music stem” derived from the 35mm mono tracks that comprised the dialogue, sound effects and music of the original film which when combined, comprise the complete soundtrack of the classic film. $32

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