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Music Weekly: TRON LEGACY Restock + Le Matos Ninja Eliminator

This week is bittersweet. We had promised a restock of our re-issue of TRON LEGACY back in January, but production timelines got a little bumpy - and then Daft Punk had to go and break up! We assume you're like us, absolutely inconsolable, but hopefully this restock will help slightly.

To lighten the mood slightly, we are also thrilled to present the latest from another prominent synth-duo - our friends LE MATOS. And by "the latest," we mean a killer blast from their past. This 12" compiles four tracks from some of their earliest projects, the NINJA ELIMINATOR TRILOGY. You can check out the lead single 'Rage of Honor'.

This week's new releases and restocks will be on sale on Wednesday at Noon CST in THE DROP.

TRON LEGACY - Vinyl Edition Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP

Mondo, in partnership with Walt Disney Records, is proud to present the 10th anniversary pressing of Daft Punk's incredible soundtrack to the film TRON: LEGACY.

Composed by Daft Punk and arranged and orchestrated by Joseph Trapanese, the score for TRON: LEGACY took over two years to complete in a purpose-built studio created by Disney for the iconic duo. It features a stunning mix of electronics fused with a more traditional 85-piece orchestra.

Daft Punk managed to devise a score that's not only a living, breathing character within the film, but also one that works as a stand-alone record away from the visuals it soundtracked. It’s hard to believe this was their first significant film project (apart from their animated film Interstella 555 in 2003), and the work they deliver here is nothing short of stunning.

Our edition of the modern classic is newly (and exclusively) remastered by James Plotkin and contains the entire score plus bonus tracks split across four sides. Featuring all new artwork by Matt Taylor, housed in a spot-varnished die-cut O-Card, and pressed on 2x 180 gram colored vinyl.

Note: Limit 1 copies per customer / household / etc.


The year 2008 saw fledgling filmmakers RKSS release a faux trailer for NINJA ELIMINATOR. It was a love letter to the kung fu flicks of Godfrey Ho they grew up watching, loaded with over-the-top acting, gory DIY effects, and crazy vocal dubs. It was a massive hit with festival crowds. A then-unknown LE MATOS provided the score. Inspired by DAFT PUNK, ED BANGER, and the whole French Techno scene, LE MATOS delivered a driving, pulsating and intense melodic score that helped solidify the blueprint for the singular sound they have today. This EP collects tracks from all three NINJA ELIMINATOR shorts and has been extensively reworked, remixed, and remastered for this release.

LE MATOS - NINJA ELIMINATOR TRILOGY (DEATH WALTZ ORIGINALS) Artwork by Donald Caron. Pressed on 180g golden ninja and purple magic vinyl & housed inside a gatefold sleeve with download card and insert written by Aaron Veling. LTD to 700 copies. $15




Jesse Malcolm Sweet’s haunting sci-fi web series EXODE tells the story of celestial cartographer David, who is trying to save his family from death on a malfunctioning spaceship, with only a wise AI named Leo to help him.

Montreal-based Le Matos (TURBO KID, JOIN US) provides a richly textured electronic score that is key to the story, deftly cultivating feelings of wistfulness, loneliness, and mortality up against the unapologetic indifference of outer space.

SUMMER OF 84 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP

Death Waltz Recording Co., are proud to present the soundtrack to the film SUMMER OF '84, a killer '80s-throwback of BMX, Mullets, and Serial Killers, brought to you from the creators of TURBO KID and featuring another amazing original score by Le Matos (JOIN US).

Taking familiar tropes from the history of electronic music (John Carpenter, Daft Punk, Tangerine Dream) Le Matos infuse their work with so much energy and originality that they end up being totally singular in the world of electronic music. We really can't think of another outfit operating on the same level right now.

SUMMER OF '84 features dizzying electro joints, super chilled ambient pieces and straight up horror soundtrack scares! Pressed across 2XLPs, this is an essential score for fans of synth soundtracks. Featuring artwork by Sam Turner.

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