Music Weekly: TURBO KID Re-Stock + Distributed Titles
Hey everyone,
This week we have a much-requested repress of everyone's favourite post-apocalyptic love story, TURBO KID by LE MATOS. We have two versions to chose from, and both of them GLOW IN THE DARK!
In addition to TURBO KID, we are thrilled to bring you two new labels to Mondo's distributed titles family. First up, we have our old friend Anton Maiovvi masquerading as Jason Priest on the debut release from Midnight Mannequin records. Plus, three titles from SFI records that bring the heat straight out of the gate with some very heavy synth bangers!
As always, all new vinyl releases go on sale at 12:00PM CT at
TURBO KID - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Le Matos (Death Waltz Recording Co.)
Cult classic TURBO KID is a stirring tale of a boy, a girl, and a BMX amidst a post-apocalyptic landscape. The film is a delightful throwback to the teen wish-fulfilment fantasy films of the 1980s through the prism of modern splatter.
Propelling this insanity is an incredible score that cherry-picks its influences from the best of electronic film music from the past thirty-five years, running the gamut from the inevitable John Carpenter bleedthrough – with some beautifully malevolent atmospheric pieces – to riffing off of the classics of Van Halen through to Modern French electronic music from the like of Daft Punk & Ed Banger Records. TURBO KID – A place beyond your dreams, a record beyond your imagination.
Turbo Kid - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Music by Le Matos. 
Pressed on 180 Gram Clear Color Glow-In-The-Dark Vinyl (Mondo Record Shop exclusive limited to 500 copies). Also available on 180 Gram Nuclear Wasteland Glow Vinyl. $35.


JASON PRIEST IS MISSING (Midnight Mannequin Records)

Jason Priest (aka Anton Maiovvi) is back with his full-length debut, Jason Priest Is Missing, on Midnight Mannequin Records. Missing is eight tracks of what can only be described as a post-goth-punk-wave-synthpop mash-up, inspired by equal parts The Cure, New Order, Depeche Mode, and Nine Inch Nails Featuring pounding percussion, catchy guitar melodies, and pulsating synths. 

Jason Priest Is Missing (Midnight Mannequin Records) 180g New York Taxi Cab Yellow vinyl with obi strip and download card. $25.


Vertical Helix Scan 2020 is a dizzying swirl of sci-fi/horror score vibes. The band locks into science fiction dread and deep space prog on this brooding EP that fans of Zombi, Sinoia Caves, and Le Matos will find hard to resist. (J Hubner)

Somafree Institute - Vertical Helix Scan (SFI Records) $20.


Andrew Crawshaw (aka Meridian Arc) and Corey J. Brewer have come together to make music as Old Dark House. Welcome Home's 11 tracks combine Crawshaw's penchant for expansive yet intimate synth-scapes and Brewer's mastery of morose songcraft. The latter's voice pitches somewhere between Nick Cave and Edwyn Collins, adding a lugubrious lustre to Old Dark House's midnight-blue atmospheres and tension-building rhythms. (Dave Segal)

Old Dark House - Welcome Home (SFI Records) $20.


New Frontiers have locked into a Komische-heavy synth world on their debut LP. Early American new age, private press synth releases, and artists like Steve Roach and Rudiger Lorenz are the sonic foundation for New Frontiers. But under the surface is the dark allure of self-help gurus and the post-60s free love indifference. That's what fuels the shadows and mystery that live within these hazy synth excursions. (J. Hubner)

New Frontiers - (Of) Inner Dimensions (SFI Records) $20.

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