Nautilus x Mondo: THE WICKER MAN by Laurent Durieux (On-Sale Info)

Tomorrow we're pleased to release the most pagan poster in our partnership with our friends at Nautilus Art Prints: THE WICKER MAN by Laurent Durieux. We'll have the regular edition available on our site, and Nautilus will carry the variant version of the poster over on theirs.

THE WICKER MAN is a brilliant, slow burn occult horror film that still shocks and awes nearly a half-century later. Edward Woodward stars as a pious police officer investigating the disappearance of a young girl on the isolated island of Summerisle, ruled by Christopher Lee in one of his most iconic roles.

Things (un)naturally spiral out of control into a series of increasingly inhuman revelations that make this movie the great granddaddy of the entire folk-horror film genre. Equal parts idyllic and sinister, Laurent's artwork is a beautiful tribute to a terror classic with an all-timer ending.

Mondo will offer the Regular version of the poster exclusively at 11 AM (CT) on 9/17 via The Drop, while the Variant can be picked up over at Nautilus Art Prints.

THE WICKER MAN Screenprinted Poster (Mondo Exclusive). Artwork by Laurent Durieux. 24"x36" screenprinted poster. Edition of 275. Printed by VG Kids. Hand-numbered. Available at via The Drop Sept 17th at 11AM CT. Expected to ship in October 2020. Ships Worldwide. $70.

THE WICKER MAN Variant Screenprinted Poster (Nautilus Exclusive). Artwork by Laurent Durieux. 61x91,44 cm. Edition of 125. Printed by VG Kids. Hand-numbered. On sale at Nautilus Art Prints September 17th at 7pm Brussels Time GMT+1. €85.

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