New Berberian Sound Studio Poster From Edward Kinsella
Tomorrow we're proud to release the next poster in our partnership with the fine folks at Black Dragon Press, writer/director Peter Strickland's loving homage to Italian horror – BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO by artist Edward Kinsella.

2012's BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO is a bizarre, atmospheric thriller that digs deep beneath the skin to probe giallo’s bloody beating heart. The titular sound studio provides Strickland with both a means of paying homage to the esoteric details of giallo—particularly the genre’s unique approach to sound design—and a context for lead actor Toby Jones' audio technician Gilderoy's collapse into madness.
"Whilst we were finalising the pertinent permissions, the piece has been doing the rounds in the illustration awards circuit with enormous success earning Kinsella an award of excellence at the Communication Arts illustration annual and a Gold Medal by the Society of Illustrations, among the highest accolades available for working illustrators. It has been a long wait but we're very excited to finally make it available to collectors worldwide." – James Park at Black Dragon Press

We'll have a portion of the run size available exclusively on our site starting at 11AM Central on Tuesday, June 16th. The remaining portion will be available via Black Dragon Press.

Black Dragon Press x Mondo #20: Berberian Sound Studio Screenprinted Poster. Printed by White Duck Editions. 18"x24". Edition of 100. Expected to ship in July. Ships worldwide. $55.

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