New CHANCE ROMANCE Apparel Collection!

This collection celebrates troubled love, complicated relationships, and the satisfaction of requited love no matter the clichés that brought us there. These are for those comfort films that can remind you love might be real, or that love is a Hollywood fabrication and bitterness reigns. No matter the perspective, these films stand the test of time. Tap into your romantic side and check out our CHANCE ROMANCE collection.

First we have SIXTEEN CANDLES - the directorial debut of John Hughes. This film set the trend (and Hughes’ career) of more realistic portrayals of teenage life and the cringe-worthy awkwardness of first love. Sara Deck lovingly illustrated the film’s final scene as a screenprinted poster, released by Mondo in 2019. She also offered up this minimalist version of the illustration for a t-shirt, which has been waiting in the wings for the perfect moment. Deck’s clever use of negative space builds an
entire environment, and its heartfelt design inspired this collection.

SIXTEEN CANDLES T-Shirt. Designed by Sara Deck. Printed by Impact Merchandising. Sizing: Unisex XS-4XL, Bella + Canvas 3001 Black Tee. Expected to Ship in March 2020. Ships to Addresses in the US & Canada Only. $25

Next up we have a film celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, THE BREAKFAST CLUB. This movie is a cultural touchstone still finding relevancy in the zeitgeist despite its age, in large part due to its simplicity. In that way, a simple design felt like the perfect fit. The tropes of bad boy courting prom queen, jock falling for the weirdo, and the (perhaps temporary) caste-breaking friendships are immortalized in this new tee. We’re not mad at a happy ending, so let’s take a moment to cherish some teenage revelations.

THE BREAKFAST CLUB T-Shirt. Printed by Impact Merchandising. Sizing: Unisex XS-4XL, Bella + Canvas 3001 Black Tee. Expected to Ship in March 2020. Ships to Addresses in the US & Canada Only. $25

PRETTY IN PINK succinctly captures the oppressive weight of silence when you want to tell someone how you feel. Personal favorites of this film are the leading ladies; Andie and Iona are confident, impeccably dressed, and shown with a dimensionality not entirely common in film of that decade. The fashion in this movie spoke to the creative expression I (the invisible narrator) dreamt of employing in my wardrobe, which I never had the confidence to rock in the Chicago suburbs. Iona, as portrayed by Annie Potts, was a real idol - here captured by Matt Ryan Tobin in a '80s xeroxed punk flyer. Tobin had a wealth of fantastic ideas so this hopefully won't be the last PRETTY IN PINK shirt you see from us this year.

Iona T-Shirt. Designed by Matt Ryan Tobin. Printed by Impact Merchandising. Sizing: Unisex XS-4XL, Next Level 3600 CreamExpected to Ship in March 2020. Ships Worldwide. $25

The last shirt in the collection is a Victorian gothic study of a gentle and misunderstood misfit, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS. Director Tim Burton's modern fairy tale champions a hero that feels isolated and broken, a sympathetic character that explores another trope - 'never judge a book by its cover.' Like the three films above, there is an undercurrent of embracing the unexpected to find love (even if the after taste is sickly sweet). We are humbled to welcome Abigail Larson in her first design for Mondo - a softened macabre portrait that feels suited for a 19th century locket.

When asked about the film, Abigail related - "As someone who grew up as a shy misfit and needed to find a creative outlet to express myself, I've always had a bit of a soft spot for this film. Edward isn't a typical character who needs to fit in, he needs to be accepted for who he is, and I think anyone who's felt a little misunderstood can relate to that."

EDWARD SCISSORHANDS T-Shirt. Designed by Abigail Larson. Printed by Impact Merchandising. Sizing: Unisex XS-4XL, Next Level 3600 Heavy Metal Tee. Expected to Ship in March 2020. Ships to Addresses in the US & Canada Only. $25

Finally, it is always a pleasure to release a new enamel pin design by the effortlessly talented and unique Scott C. We started working on this pin in May 2017 - three years later, and we could not be happier with this charming version of Edward. Designer Bruce Yan helped transform Scott C.'s watercolor painting into an antique copper enamel pin, a tricky task of plucking a two-dimensional character into a 3-D format. The packaging is also a labor of love turned watercolor illustration of his topiary menagerie. This pin is the ultimate accessory for any sharp dresser.

EDWARD SCISSORHANDS Enamel Pin. Designed by Scott C. 1.5" in height. Hard Enamel pin on a 1.5" x 2.17" backing. Expected to Ship in 7-10 Business Days. Ships to Addresses in the US & Canada Only. $10

The Chance Romance Collection will be available today at 1pm (CT) at Be sure to keep an eye on our social media for
updates and on sale announcements.


PRETTY IN PINK T-Shirt. Designed by Jacquelin DeLeon. Available in limited sizes. American Apparel Cream 100% cotton. Printed by Impact Merchandising. Expected to Ship in 7 - 10 Business Days. Ships Worldwide. $25

THE BREAKFAST CLUB (Allison + Claire) Pin Set. Designed by 100% Soft. 1.25" in height each. Hard enamel on black nickel. On a 3.25" x 3.25" backing. Ships in 7-10 business days. Ships to US & Canada Only. $16

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