New DUMBO Enamel Pins by Tom Whalen!

Ever faithful, ever true - nothing stops him, he'll get through!

The little elephant with the big ears, Jumbo Junior, more famously known as DUMBO stole hearts worldwide in Disney's 1942 titular film. We were eager to tackle this beloved classic, rich with iconic characters. The fabulous Tom Whalen has created pleasantly pulchritudinous pachyderm pins - two versions of Dumbo and a two-pin set of the heartwarming finale that still brings tears to our eyes. Closing out the series is a pin for the best hype man and manager around, Timothy Q. Mouse.

These delicately charming Disney enamel pins are AVAILABLE NOW at

DUMBO Enamel Pins
Designed by Tom Whalen
Dumbo the Clown (1.59" W), Timothy Q. Mouse (1.2" H), Dumbo (1.59" W), Mrs. Jumbo + Dumbo 2-Pin Set (Caboose 1.55" W, mini Dumbo 0.23" W)
All on 2"x3" Backing
Expected to Ship in August 2019
Ships to United States, Puerto Rico & Canada Only
Dumbo the Clown, Timothy Q. Mouse & Dumbo - $10 Each / Mrs. Jumbo + Dumbo 2-Pin Set - $12

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