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New GODZILLA Posters by Attack Peter and Tom Whalen On Sale Info

All hail Attack Peter! Our favorite (and only) linocut artist is back with a brand new handmade poster — the fifth in his Godzilla poster series — this time for 1972's GODZILLA VS GIGAN.

This film marks the first appearance of the excellent Gigan, our favorite cyborg space monster who has a giant buzzsaw on his belly and hooks for hands, as he and King Ghidorah enter a tag team battle against our hero Godzilla and Anguirus. Oh, plus they battle in an amusement park that has a giant Godzilla tower. These movies are the best.

Peter's artwork is yet again a beautiful and loving testament to the brilliant insanity that we love so much about the Godzilla films. He personally crafts each poster, printing from his linocuts onto handmade Lokta paper from Nepal. The amount of care and detail that goes into these unique pieces is astounding, and they're sure to be the centerpiece of any collection. 

GODZILLA VS. GIGAN Linocut Poster. Art by Attack Peter. 1-color Linocut Print on Lokta Paper. Printed, Signed and Numbered by the Artist. 20”x30”. Edition of 120. Expected to ship in November 2020. Ships worldwide, except China and Japan. $100.


And that's not the only kaiju poster this week! Friend of the family Tom Whalen is back with another entry in his own Godzilla series for 1965's INVASION OF ASTRO-MONSTER, in both a Regular and Variant edition. In this film, aliens from Planet X must borrow Monsters Zero One and Zero Two — a.k.a. Godzilla and Rodan — from Earth in order to defeat King Ghidorah. In return, they offer to provide humans for a miracle cure to all known diseases. Should we trust them? (Hint: No way!)

This is one of our favorite posters of Tom's. There's an intensity and confidence to the composition, and his enthusiasm and adoration for these films is on full display. We love it and are excited keep this series moving along. A monster lover's masterpiece. Or... monsterpiece?

INVASION OF ASTRO-MONSTER Screenprinted Poster. Art by Tom Whalen. Printed by Lady Lazarus Press. 36”x24”. Edition of 275. Expected to ship in December 2020. Ships worldwide, except China and Japan. $55.


INVASION OF ASTRO-MONSTER Screenprinted Poster - Variant Edition. Art by Tom Whalen. Printed by Lady Lazarus Press. 36”x24”. Edition of 150. Expected to ship in December 2020. Ships worldwide, except China and Japan. $75.

Attack Peter's GODZILLA VS. GIGAN and both the Regular and Variant Editions of Tom Whalen's INVASION OF ASTRO-MONSTER are available for purchase tomorrow 10/15 at 11AM (CT) via The Drop.

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