New Matt Taylor PALM SPRINGS Poster

What did you do last Friday? Our top priority for starting the weekend was to bask in the warm glow of PALM SPRINGS, the wondrous and irreverent sci-fi romance that just debuted on Hulu. Today's first priority is showing you artist Matt Taylor's screenprinted poster for the film, set to go on sale tomorrow.

Have you seen PALM SPRINGS yet? The debut for director Max Barbakow, it showed up on our radar at Sundance earlier this year, when it was picked up by our friends at NEON for theatrical release. Highly recommend that you skip the (delightful but spoilery) trailer, avoid Googling it (the reviews are great, trust us), and go in fresh. We'll try to dance around the plot: it stars America's sweethearts Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti as two strangers who meet at a wedding in Palm Springs and wind up locked in a [ICONIC COMEDY]-esque [PLOT DEVICE]. Hijinks ensue. It's fun. It's splendid. Highly recommended.

PALM SPRINGS is streaming now on Hulu, and Matt Taylor's beautifully sunbaked and richly detailed poster debuts tomorrow – Tuesday the 14th – at 11AM Central on The Drop.

Palm Springs Screenprinted Poster. Art by Matt Taylor. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. 18" x 24". Edition of 225. Expected to ship September 2020. Ships worldwide. $50.

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