We’re on a roll this week with some new posters from a pair of incredible artists. You might have noticed throughout the last couple of months we've partnered with Marvel in celebrating 80th anniversary with new posters (and variant comics!) paying homage to three eras of the House of Ideas. At SDCC, Rich Kelly blew us away with his send up of the Golden Age featuring Captain America and the Invaders. Marvel also released a variant comic with Rich's art as a wraparound cover. At MondoCon, Johnny Dombrowski ushered in the age of heroes with his poster for the Silver Age anchored again by Captain America welcoming Marvel's still-iconic class of heroes. We also had a variant comic featuring Johnny's artwork on the cover available at MondoCon, which you can still pick up over at our web store. Finally, tomorrow we are excited to present the Modern Age of Marvel Comics by Tom Whalen! Tom completely knocked this one out of the park. If you grew up reading Marvel in the '80s and '90s, there's a whole lot here for you to adore. He even found a way to incorporate many of today's favorites as well. If you're at NYCC next weekend, be sure to stop by Marvel's booth and pick up Marvel Comics #1001 with Tom's art as an exclusive variant cover.

From Tom: “I’ve been a Marvel kid since 6th grade, so when Mondo asked me to illustrate a poster celebrating Marvel’s Modern Age, I couldn’t say “yes” quickly enough. It wasn’t until a few minutes after my affirmative reply that I realized what a massive undertaking this would be. That’s precisely when the questions started to flood my mind: How would I incorporate 30+ years of Marvel lore into a single image? Silver Centurion or Extremis Armor? How many X-Men? Magneto or Mr. Sinister? Miles? Gwen? Peter? All of ‘em?

"After much debating, adding, deleting, resizing, shifting, pushing and pulling, I hope I’ve managed to encapsulate some of the characters that make this age of Marvel stories special to so many people around the world. At the very least, I think the 6th grade me would approve.”

Additionally, we also have a stunning new poster from Craig Drake for the seminal Nickelodeon series, THE LEGEND OF KORRA! A show about Korra finding her way through a world that has put all of its expectations on her, while traversing ever evolving relationships with those closest to her, Craig's poster focuses on the Avatar, Korra, in combat alongside Asami Sato. The two friends, simpatico in battle, would later have their bond blossom into something much more at the series' conclusion, cementing the show not only as all-around excellent, but groundbreaking as well.

Alongside these two exceptional posters, we're also excited to present the online release of Tom Whalen's Mondocon 5 enamel pins. Whalen knocks it out of the park once again tackling three of SPIDER-MAN's most infamous villains in the Marvel universe - Mysterio, Doc Ock, and the Green Goblin. Rounding off tomorrow's enamel pin release is the classic Spider-mobile which is sure to provide a quick getaway from this sinister series.

These posters and pins will be on sale tomorrow (9/26) at a random time via

The Modern Age of Marvel Comics by Tom Whalen
24"x36" Screenprinted Poster, Edition of 325
Printed by DL Screenprinting
Expected to Ship in October 2019
Ships to US and Select Countries Internationally$60

36"x24" Screenprinted Poster, Edition of 225
Printed by DL Screenprinting
Expected to Ship in November 2019
Ships to Addresses in US Only

Marvel Enamel Pins
Designed by Tom Whalen
Mysterio (1.65" W), Doc Ock (1" H), Spider-mobile (1.26" W),
Green Goblin (1.22" H)
Soft Enamel Pins
Expected to Ship in October 2019
Ships to US and Select Countries Internationally
$10 Each

Please follow us on Twitterfor the on sale announcement. These posters & pins will be available online at a random time on Thursday, September 26th.

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