New WALL-E Pins!

In space, no one can hear you clean...

We are proud to announce a brand new set of enamel pins inspired by the beloved Disney/Pixar film WALL-E. While the themes of the film creep eerily closer to our reality day by day, the film's most prominent success lives within its main characters. Wall-E, Eve, Burn-E, and MO are four soulful, charming robots that are now available as enamel pins designed by DKNG Studios. These pins are note-perfect from the bright glitter accents to the stunning shiny metal.

This collection of interstellar WALL-E enamel pins are AVAILABLE NOW at

WALL-E Enamel Pins
Designed by DKNG Studios
Wall-E (1.44" H), Eve (1.48" H), Burn-E (1.5" H), MO (1" H)
Hard Enamel Pins on 2" x 3" backings
Expected to Ship in August 2019
Ships to US, Puerto RIco & Canada Only
$10 Each

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