Tomorrow we will have a new poster for Marvel's latest crossover event, THE WAR OF THE REALMS, by the marvelous Matt Taylor! If you're out of date in your monthly comic pulls, since 2012 Jason Aaron has been steadily crafting one of the most singular and best THOR epics since Walt Simonson's legendary run with the Mighty Avenger. Seriously, from THOR: GOD OF THUNDER to THOR to THE MIGHTY THOR (in which the Jane Foster, Goddess of Thunder wins our hearts) to THE UNWORTHY THOR, this has been one of the definitive takes of the character, as well as one of the steady high points of the current era of Marvel Comics. Over six years, Malekith has been slowly bringing war and conquering the Nine Realms. With only Midgard left standing, it's up to Thor and the various heroes of the Marvel Universe to stop Malekith and his forces from taking Midgard.

We're huge fans of Jason Aaron and the story he's been been crafting since THOR: GOD OF THUNDER back in 2012, so this was a project we are proud to contribute to in even the smallest of ways. When it came to designing the poster, we couldn't think of a more exciting artist to carry the hammer than Matt Taylor. Matt's eye for color and composition are as great as they come, and we particularly love the focus on rendering these characters in a more stylized and comic-accurate approach. Issue 5 (of 6) is in stores today, and the event concludes later this month (6/26). We very much recommend diving into THE WAR OF THE REALMS, or diving into Jason's incredible run starting with the excellent GOD OF THUNDER.

This poster will be available Thursday (6/6) at a random time via

WAR OF THE REALMS by Matt Taylor
24"x36" Screenprinted Poster, Edition of 275
Printed by DL Screenprinting
Expected to Ship in July 2019
Available to Ship in the US and Select Countries Internationally$50

"Thor is the best, this is an indisputable fact. Whether he’s being played by Chris Hemsworth or written by Jason Aaron he is a character who manages to seamlessly marry pomposity, heart, grandeur, cosmic excess, Nordic folklore and, on occasion, frogs. Fun fact: somehow he has become the character i have drawn more times than any other for Mondo, and i can’t think of anyone else i’d rather that be. Getting to make this art for War of the Realms was the most fun, and the series so far has been an absolute blast to read; it has managed to capture all of his traits up there with the exception of the frogs. But there’s still an issue left to go so anything could happen..."
-Matt Taylor

Please follow us on Twitter for the on sale announcement. This print will be available online at a random time on Thursday, June 6th.

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