Introducing Our First Line of Disney Tiki Mugs – Sorcerer Mickey from FANTASIA

"Music you can see and pictures you can hear."
- Walt Disney on FANTASIA

This year marks the eightieth anniversary of Walt Disney's passion project, the iconic, groundbreaking animated film FANTASIA. There's true Disney magic in that visionary masterpiece, and now there's some Disney magic in our Tiki Mugs.

Presenting our first line of officially-licensed Disney Tiki Mugs, starring Sorcerer Mickey, as seen in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" segment from the iconic animated film.

Sorcerer's Apprentice - Fantasia

It's a huge mug for such a huge achievement in film history, with Mickey standing tall at 11.5". It also holds approximately 22 ounces, which should be plenty of room to flood your own chamber.

We introduced our first Sorcerer Mickey last July, but now we're introducing four more beautiful colorways – all available for purchase now in our Tiki Mugs collection

A gloriously shiny chrome Aether Variant.

Edition of 400. $75.

A boldly blue Elemental Variant.

Edition of 300. $75.

A jade-green Fortune Variant.

Edition of 300. $75.

And an Alamo Variant in rich brown.

Edition of 400. $75.

Designed by Tom “Thor” Thordarson and sculpted by Istanbul-based Tufan Sezer, they're produced by the sorcerers over at Tiki Farm. They make each of our mugs by hand, which means they're all unique pieces of drinkware art (and there could be some slight variations from the images above).

Each is available for purchase right now in our Disney Collection and our Tiki Mug Collection alongside Thanos, Scrooge McDuck, and JURASSIC PARK's T-Rex. They'll ship this month to addresses in the United States and Canada only

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