PORTAL 2 - Original Video Game Soundtrack 5XLP (Vinyl) (On-Sale Info)
Mondo, in proud partnership with Valve, presents the premiere vinyl pressing of the massive and amazing soundtrack to the hit game PORTAL 2 just in time for its ... 11½ birthday! 

We jest, but some fans will remember that this project was announced nearly 2 years ago in anticipation of the tenth anniversary of the legendary puzzler ... but as you'll see when you dive into the package itself, fine-tuning it took longer than anticipated. We are endlessly proud of how it turned out and we hope you find it worth the wait. The project is fully completed and in house and Alan Hynes' incredible package design is a sight to behold.

If this brings any new fans to our site, please check out our video game soundtrack collection. Sadly, we are still sold out of our previous pressing of the original PORTAL soundtrack, but based on response we may have to find a way to make more of those someday. Stay tuned for more information on that.

But as always, all new releases and restocks go on sale on Wednesdays at 12PM CT at MondoShop.com.

PORTAL 2: SONGS TO TEST BY - Original Video Game Soundtrack 5XLP 

Mondo, in proud partnership with Valve, presents the premiere vinyl pressing of Mike Morasky's (aka Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories) sprawling synth soundtrack to the epic sequel, PORTAL 2.

Those who recall the initial discovery of playing PORTAL the first time will also proudly recall their excitement at the prospect of a sequel - Valve has a legacy of treating their properties and their narratives very seriously, so the idea of sequel to the beloved bonus chapter of The Orange Box created a genuine level of excitement that seemed impossible to match. Fortunately, the team at Valve delivered on the promise of expanding the story of Chell and GLaDOS (and the newly introduced Wheatley) with a game nearly quadruple the size of the original game.

Well, the soundtrack is no different. Nearly quadruple in size and scope, and just as well executed. Morasky's bright and startling synth work is notably powerful and dynamic, but it's his moody atmosphere that shines in this entry - as the story expands and the lore and legacies of the central characters are defined, the score adds complex new layers. Given how much of the narrative is riddled with voiceover and dark comedy, the score never deviates from the peril at stake for our leads, and never betrays the twists and turns of the labyrinthian nightmare of the Aperture Science center, nor its dark past and chaotic future.

As with the last entry, we worked with packaging wizard Alan Hynes on finding an inventive way to present the five (!!!!!) disc set in a way that felt like the appropriate companion piece to his original magic trick package for PORTAL 1. This thing is massive, and the seamless art layout and its hidden details are devotional in brilliant ways.

This limited edition 5XLP box set will be available on Wednesday, November 9 at MondoShop.com.

PORTAL 2: SONGS TO TEST BY - ORIGINAL VIDEO GAME SOUNDTRACK 5XLP. Music by Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories. Package Design by Alan Hynes. Pressed on 5x 180 Gram colored vinyl. $100

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